Lifehack for Housewives Mesh Laundry Bag

By October 9, 2018



Washing things has always been the most annoying thing for me. I wish I could never wash things by hand but some white clothes cannot be put together with black one in the wash machine and dirty socks are too easy to get lost in the machine. Honestly speaking, the laundry bags resolve me from many troubles.

As we all know that white garments are easily infected by black one but if there is only two pieces of white clothes among a basket of clothes, you may think it too time-consuming to wash this two by machine. In this case, laundry bag come into use.

Laundry bags are designed with a variety of colors and sizes. For a better use of them, here are some practical suggestions for laundry bag usage.


Firstly, escape from bags designed with draw strings, for these strings will easily get wrapped and tangled. You are advised to choose bags designed with zippers instead.

Secondly, never overfill your bag. If garments cannot be given enough spaces to move, they are hard to be washed cleanly. Just think about a scene where all the garments are squeezed in a bag and immersed in a barrel of water.

Thirdly, have a couple of different sized bags on hand. Your summer clothes are smaller yet winter clothes are generally larger. Thereby, equip yourself with various sizes of bags on hand. Here is a suggestion for you. Ecooe Polyester 7-Pack Set Mesh Laundry Bag, this is a 7 -pack set with different colors and sizes inside. The various sizes allow you to wash different garments at one time, and the colored black bag is able to separate your dark and light laundries while washing, making doing laundry less unbearable.


Lifehack has always been creative ideas that make small thing make the most of it. Laundry bags are not simply bags for washing; they can also be used in various ways.

For example, hang dishes out when you are camping in the mountain. By doing so, you will don’t need to prepare a table and take measures to avoid them from contaminating.

Mesh laundry bags can also be used to dry herbs in an easy way. You can do so by setting a plant hook outdoor, put your herbs inside the mesh laundry bag and hang them up.

If there are kids in your family, you can also put the big small toys together in the laundry bag for storage. They are both easy to be found and easy to be reused.

Besides, some commonly used meal ingredient such as garlic, ginger can also be stored in the mesh laundry bag for convenient use.

Also, when taking your kids to the beach, you may carry lots of tools such as plastic shovel, bucket, and spoon, etc. for their entertainment. The ideal container of these tools is a mesh bag. And laundry bags perfectly suit.

After seeing the above information, have you got some inspiration for your laundry bags? Just try them and make your life full of creativity.

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