It’s never too late to declutter your home

By July 19, 2019

It's never too late to declutter your home  1

Every home has its own clutters, whether you admit it or not. Either in your closet, nor in the kid’s room. It’s not shameful to admit it, but it’s shameful for not to start declutter.

In traditional Chinese culture, the clutter in your home might affect the geomancy in your house in some degree. The clutter in your home can cause stress in some way, as it truly exists even if you pretend it’s not. It affects your mood, and affects your every decision in your life in a discreet way. Once you used to the clutter, it’ll just be more clutter. However, it’s never too late to start declutter your home.

Don’t be frightened by its appearance. It’s not a monster. You just need to get started step by step. It’s not easy, but it’s also not too hard to start. It needs your courage. It needs you to make decisions. For some people, making decisions are hard. While the declutter process is a process of making decisions. In the process, you have a lot decisions to make. Once you made the first decision, and usually it’s the hardest decision to make. It’ll be a lot easier for the later decisions. 

It's never too late to declutter your home  2

For the first move, you can start the easiest clutter in your house. For example, one of the drawers in your cabinet. Just get all the stuff out, and classify them into different sorts. Then it comes to the decision part. Decide which item needs to be discarded and which to stay. At last, put them back in category. You’ll find the joy during the process. After few times practices, you will find your own pace on decluttering.

It's never too late to declutter your home  3

When you get all the strength, you can start larger space. There is one space that can give your enough strength after you declutter it. It will obviously get your family’s attention effortlessly, which will encourage you to move to next step. It’s bathroom. First, it’s a place that used often by everyone and every day. And once this space is changed, your family will notice it in the first place. It’s also a task that can be completed in several hours.

It's never too late to declutter your home  4

If you don’t feel there is much difference after the decluttering, then you don’t actually are decluttering but tidying up. The most important part during the process is the decision part. Whether you should keep or discard certain item. Reduce the items you have. A small amount of items can be well-organized, contrarily, it’s hard. This is the must-have step. Then give the left items a home. In such way, you home will not become clutter easily any more. 




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