Is there any suggestion on how to deal with sunburns

By January 30, 2023

I believe most of us do not want to go for outdoor activities in the such strong summer sunlight. Because only a few hours of activity can make you have skin troubles, including irritation, scorching, skin shedding and even blistering. However, those troubles seem to be very bothering, there is no need to go to the hospital as most of them can be dealt with at home by yourself.

is there any suggestion on how to deal with sunburns 1

For scorching and irritating

There first thing you do after you go back home is to cool down the damaged skin with a cool or cold towel, you can put it on the damage for some time. If the damage is a little big, you can use the slow-running water to cool it down. Or you can have a cold water shower but not everybody can accept a cold water shower.

is there any suggestion on how to deal with sunburns 2

The other thing is to drink more water appropriately. The sunburn will severely damage the skin protection and more skin moisture will disappear, which not be found by our eyes, but the most evident feeling after the sunburn is that you feel thirsty more than ever. So it is suggested to drink more water to keep the moisture level.

For the blistering

Everyone should know that if the blistering area is too big, it should be treated in the hospital maybe it will take several days to be healed. Then the second thing is that the blister should not be punctured. The liquid in the blisters comes from our body system, which is a natural protection for our skin. So the blister is called a defensive reaction to severe sunburn. What’s more, puncturing the blister without any medical precautions will add some risks of being infected and hinder the self-repairing of the skin system. But you should not worry if the blister is broken, you can squeeze the leftover liquid in it with a cotton bud and then apply some antibiotic ointment to it. Finally, you can cover them with a sterile gauze pad.


The skin shedding

Remember not to tear down the shed skin with your hand. Several days after the sunburn, the skin will naturally shed which is a natural reaction during the reviving time. And this skin shedding will last until the new skin layer comes.

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Avoiding a second sunburn

Do not expose your skin to the sunlight directly during the whole recovering period. The skin protection during this time is so vulnerable that it can not be hurt a second time. 

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