Is There a Tea Maker like a Coffee Maker?

By September 27, 2019


Today is a totally different day and we are greeted with a cup of gourmet coffee allowing us to perform well with high spirits. Coffee maker certainly will serve as the core part in the start point of a hectic work schedule. But what if you are a complete tea lover, is there a tea maker like a coffee maker for you to start a new day with a smooth morning?


The answer is obviously yes because no one would miss the great opportunity to make a fortune by satisfying those tea lovers with a tea maker. However, the tea maker is less trendy and popular compared with the coffee making machine. On the one hand, it has become a long-standing tradition for tea lovers to make tea by themselves. On the other hand, due to the different properties of each tea, different tea demands for various temperatures and steep times to prepare a quality and decent cup of tea.

With a very efficient electric tea making machine available, steaming a perfect cup of tea immediately becomes an easy task. Because it usually features quick-heating stainless steel, aluminum and copper designs that allow water to be boiled within a few minutes but consume less power. Typically, this kind of machine also comes with an auto-shut mechanism to give assurance about safety factors. Imagine that you just push the button, leave it alone and a cup of brewed tea is already there for you when you get prepared to leave home. By the way, these tea kettles are available at convenient prices. But of course, the prices vary depending on the brand, design, and size of the kettles.


Although a fully automatic electricity tea kettle may a perfect choice for a novice who is equipped with little knowledge on how to brew or pour a cup of tea, it is definitely not a great choice for a tea connoisseur who is addicted to the art of tea.


If you’re a big tea drinker then you must have been aware that there are optimum and “correct” water temperatures and steep times for brewing different kinds of teas. You could adjust them depending on your own personal tea taste. But if you’re really serious about your tea, you take the water temperature after boiling and let it come down to an appropriate level, then you pour–Black tea can be brewed in truly boiling water, usually steeped for 4-6 minutes. The best temperature for Oolong tea is around 190F and is steeped for around 5 to 8 minutes. Green tea should be brewed around 150-160F and only steeped for 2 to 4 minutes.

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