Is red wine good for blood pressure?

By March 16, 2018



Red wine, like the color itself, is always granted as an active and healthier alcohol among the most energy drinks. In all actuality, the popularity of red wine is not shaped by an intention for its benefits, but this fantastic liquid really does a great job in leaving you a relaxing mood and balancing your body health. Furthermore, red wine helps ease your blood pressure. How exactly does it work? 

Red wine gains the reputation of “health helper” in three aspects

#1 Blood cleaning

red wine

When your blood pressure reads 140/90 regularly, it means there must be something wrong with your blood arteries. What’s worse, it can be high blood pressure and coming with disease like heart attack. However, studies have shown that people with high blood pressure have a comparable stable blood pressure after drinking red wine. In other words, the reduced blood pressure of wine drinkers takes a lower risk of heart disease. This is because the resveratrol in red wine can prevent the formation of blood clots which may worsen plaques and cause blood pressure to increase.

#2 HDL increasing


There are hundreds of precious chemical substances in red wine, one of which has distinctive effect on creating good cholesterol that contributes to increase HDL (high-density lipoprotein) inside your body. And it is the HDL removes plaques existing in your arteries, improving blood pressure and decreasing inflammation as well.

#3 Stress removing


The last change comes first from your inside feelings. Be it a cup taken at home when you have finished work or cheers with your friends on Saturday night, you just feel it comfortable and relaxing. A happy state of mind will decrease the stressful signals transferred to your brain and the nervous system, and thus ease your blood pressure.

How much red wine to be taken with guidelines?


Red wine is alcohol in essence; therefore excessive consumption may lead to adverse results and do harm to your organs. The standards vary in different countries, from 4 to 10 ounces of wine per day for men and less for women, but the core principle is to drink in moderation for lower risks.

Hear another sound-may be a quicker method to cut blood pressure


A study in Spain has reported that red wine with alcohols removed actually stays its functions to people with high blood pressure. This study is kind of an upgraded version to what mentioned before. Will the alcohols remained lower the effect of blood pressure and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, the results don’t tell a lie but the personal physical condition may be main reason.

Red wine, according to the researches, may have little to do with heart improving, though. However, a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude should by no means perish in the chaos times.


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