Is it possible for adults to grow taller

By June 11, 2021

Many adults wish they could be taller, even just a little. But the fact is, most of them can’t increase their height once they’ve reached adulthood. However, there are still some ways to help you look taller as an adult. Read on to learn more about this.

Factors determining height

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Height is determined by a number of factors, the most common of which is genetics. It accounts for about 80% of your height. If both of your parents are tall, you are likely to be tall, while if they are short, you probably would be the same.

Another factor is nutrition. It is widely found that people who were well-fed during childhood tend to get taller. Conversely, those who didn’t get enough nutrition may not grow as well. 

Physical exercise also plays a big role in childhood growth because it can help release human growth hormone, a substance working on growth plates at the end of bones to lengthen them.

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In addition, whether you are a male or female decides your potential of getting taller. That is, most males tend to grow taller than females. It has also been observed that some medical conditions like dwarfism, Down syndrome, and Marfan syndrome may affect someone’s final height. Because they alter the growth pattern, children aren’t able to attain their maximum height potential.

How to get taller as an adult

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Most people will stop getting taller after the age of 18, because at that time, your growth plates become harden or “close”, and the lengthening of bones stops. However, you can do some exercise to help express your height more fully.

  1. 1. Maintain good posture

Poor body posture may not only cause pain, but it has the potential to cause your spine to curve. To make yourself look taller, always keep your head vertically aligned with your body and shoulders back when standing. While sitting, keep your feet flat and your thighs parallel to the floor.

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  1. 2. Core strength training

Core muscles in the abdomen and along the spinal column can help support the spine. If they are too weak, your spine won’t be well supported and may get compressed. To strengthen core muscles, you can try the exercises like Plank, Superman, and abdominal crunch.

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