Is Instant Coffee Harmful to your Body

By September 16, 2022

Nowadays, instant coffee has been a well-known drink, especially popular among the young, because it retains the aroma of fresh coffee and is easy to make. People in increasing numbers develop a habit of drinking something to refresh themselves when working overtime late at night, whereas a cup of instant coffee will surely be an optimal choice. However, instant coffee can be harmful to our health. Let’s figure out what harm will instant coffee do to us!

Is instant coffee harmful to your body1

The Hazards of Drinking Instant Coffee

1. Obesity: Instant coffee may lead to obesity as there is pretty much sugar in it. If you often drink a lot, then your body will take in excessive sugar in an unnoticed way by which it will be converted into fat and accumulated inside your body, resulting in obesity.

2. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: Instant coffee contains numerous trans fatty acids, a kind of material that will increase low-density lipoprotein in the blood while reducing high-density lipoprotein. Therefore, it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases by drinking frequently plenty of this instant drink.

3. Cancer: In order to make up for the lack of aroma, a large amount of essence and additives will be added and blended in the process of production though they can be harmful to the human body. In addition, acrylamide, a carcinogen, is also included. Consequently, it will greatly amplify the risk of suffering from cancer if one drinks too much instant coffee.

Is instant coffee harmful to your body2

The Precaution of Drinking Instant Coffee

1. Do not drink on an empty stomach in the morning: This will stimulate the stomach, thereby increasing gastric acid. What’s more, it may lead to stomachache and acid reflux and induce tachycardia and chest tightness.

2. Do not put too much sugar: It is recommended to drink pure coffee. If you don’t like the pure one, you may try to put in some milk. Or if you really do want to add some sugar, please make the amount suitable as excessive sugar will have adverse effects on the body.

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Alternatives of Instant Coffee

As a matter of fact, there is another healthier option to help refresh ourselves than instant coffee. Let’s check out.


Chaicha, a kind of black tea mixed with some herbs and spices, contains less caffeine than coffee. According to research in 2020, it can keep people’s mind alert for a relatively longer time than coffee. Some observational studies have shown that drinking Chaicha could lower the risk of heart disease. Besides, it tastes good and helps comfort. (Tip: How to make Chai tea latte at home)

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If you keep the habit of drinking coffee, then it would be better to have some fresh ground coffee as it is of more nutrients. Above all, in order to keep ourselves refreshed and the doctors away, we should drink less instant coffee and try some other ways.

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