Is Drinking Suitable for You?

By September 12, 2022

A small amount of drinking poses little threat to health. Actually, it can help promote blood circulation and metabolism. However, heavy drinking will cause great hidden dangers to one’s health, and even endanger the life of patients. So is drinking suitable for you? Which kinds of people should not drink? Let’s check it out.

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1. Pregnant women.

Women who are in the stage of pregnancy or lactation should be completely away from alcohol( including wine), because it will spread throughout the major organs of the body through the blood circulation and be indirectly absorbed by the fetus, resulting in physical or intellectual development disorders of the baby. So are ladies who are in pregnancy preparation.

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2. Patients taking certain drugs

According to long-term scientific data, some certain medicines will have a certain chemical reaction with alcohol, and the new chemicals produced will do greater harm to the body, like being poisoned or even dead. Cephalosporins are commonly seen in these drugs. You should consult a doctor before taking such medicine.

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3. Drivers

More or less, drinking will affect the human central system, resulting in memory loss, thinking loss and other phenomena. This is also one of the reasons for the prohibition of a drunken vehicles. Many people suppose that they just sip a little wine, which will not have a big deal for driving. However, anyone who did that felt painfully regretful after an accidence. Thus, no fluke mind should be allowed.

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4. People having a blushed face after drinking

In common cognition, a blush after drinking represents a strong ability to metabolize and accept alcohol. In fact, it doesn’t mean anything. The reason why some people blush after drinking is that they encounter metabolic obstacles after alcohol enters the body, leading to excessive alcohol concentration in the blood and stimulation in the skin. It takes time for metabolic enzymes to help people eliminate alcohol.

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5. Those with liver diseases

The metabolism of alcohol is mainly carried out by the liver. Undoubtedly, it will increase the workload of the liver, especially for patients with poor liver conditions or relevant diseases. Alcohol can bring about serious irreversible damage to the organ. When it reaches a certain degree, there will be an abnormal liver metabolism, and even cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Drinking is not suitable for the groups mentioned above. If there is any social gathering, they should try to avoid alcohol. After all, a healthy body should always come first.

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