Is decluttering equals to discarding things?

By July 8, 2019

Is decluttering equals to discarding things 1

This modern world is driving us to a place we don’t know where we are. The paying method is getting easier and easier that we can control. It’s like it is stealing your money in a sneak way. And the conditions that used to be really strict for applying a credit card become so easy. A man can have so many credit cards to his name. Did they truly care about if you’re able to pay the debt or not? It also leads to an endless consuming behavior. Some even developed into hoarder. This is terrifying actually.

 Is decluttering equals to discarding things 2

Look around your house now. Did you hold onto too much stuff? Sometimes, it’s not the result of decluttering but the process of decluttering that changes life. We encourage decluttering, but we are not encouraging discarding stuff. It’s two different things in essence. Through the decluttering process, you will learn how many things you own, and how many of them you don’t need, and how many items will survive and continue to serve you and to bring joy for you. Moreover, it’s a process to know who you really are, and what’s your preference, or maybe you can find your own dress style from the beloved clothes you left. While discarding things is a step of decluttering. Before you discarding things, you have to make decisions. The most important gesture hides the hardest part of decluttering.

You’ll always find something might be useful someday, in some non-existent, hypothetical future, just in case.

 Is decluttering equals to discarding things 3

Just in case. It’s a horrible word that leads to your clutter now. Everything should focus on now not just in case future. This is the reason why we hold onto a lot of stuff. We need to keep our house full of things with value. The value that affects your life, adds value to your life. And some people just hold onto memories. But memories are not inside the things we own, our memories are inside us. Though, certain item does help us to trigger the memories inside us, you don’t need to hold onto too much things. Just let it go, move on and let it flash back to you from now and then.

 Is decluttering equals to discarding things 4

If you just discard things, you will soon be regretful about discarding. Because you’ll never know which things adds value to you, and which does not. The decision part lets you understand yourself better. When you know how to make decisions, you know how to give up things and value things. This is decluttering will teach you, whereas discarding will only teach you to regret.






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