How to take good care of your baby’s teeth

By August 15, 2022

When you see this, you may have doubts about the necessity of taking care of babies’ teeth. Actually, taking care of their teeth has the same importance as taking care of their physical growing up.

How to take good care of your baby's teeth 1

The first brush of babys teeth

As matter of fact, since the first appearance of the tooth, teeth brushing should be included in the schedule. But before the growing up of the first tooth, cleaning of the mouth should also be carried out so as to clear away the sugar left in the mouth. Where is the sugar from? The feeding of the baby, no matter whether he is breastfed or milk-fed, all those have sugar which can help to produce acid after being decomposed by the bacterial inside the mouth. If the acid stays for a long time on the teeth, it will corrode the enamel and cause dental caries.

How to take good care of your baby's teeth 2

The necessity to protect babys teeth.

Is it really necessary to protect baby’s teeth as they will eventually be replaced by new ones? That is because once a milk tooth has dental caries, the two surrounding teeth will gradually occupy its space. So when it is time for the permanent tooth to grow out, there is not enough space. And the teeth will grow to be in an uneven line. What’s more, the germs of the permanent teeth lie under the root of the milk teeth, if dental caries affects the teeth root and tissue, it is hard to have healthy permanent teeth. As the enamel of milk teeth is quite vulnerable, there is much more possibility for it to be eroded. And there will be a bigger risk to have dental caries.

Close up of baby drinking from bottle

The choice of teeth brush and toothpaste.     

The best choice belongs to the silica gel brush. Babies will have more interested to brush their own teeth. The silica gel type can protect them from being hurt the mouth and teeth. As for the toothpaste, the dentists suggest it is better to have fluorine. And the amount for babies under 3 years is rice-size and for babies between 3 to 6 years, it is about pea size.

How to take good care of your baby's teeth 4

But you should remember that the baby can not really clean the teeth by himself, and you should do the cleaning work again. To encourage babies to have the habit of teeth brushing, you can ask them to smile in the mirror, so they can enjoy a good ending by saying what nice and clean teeth you have.


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