How to Store Wine after Opening

By June 6, 2018


Wine, known as the wonderful stuff of enjoyment and celebration, has a long and profound history. If utilized well, wine can be used in medicine as it has medicinal benefits, even for cosmetics, wine can make a difference. Thus, it’s important to master some skills to store wine after opening in the situation where you have the leftover wine.

Leftover Wine


When you cannot drink off a bottle of wine, it’s a tragedy to abandon the nectar of gods. If you are left with no choice, why not try to learn some methods of wine storage after opening. Oxygen can turn wine into vinegar so the taste of wine will be damaged. Just because of this, the key point of storing wine is to reduce the touching surface between wine and air.

Make Good Use of Your Refrigerator


Put the leftover wine in your refrigerator is an effective way to store it after opening. The constant cool temperature of fridges can ensure the good taste of wine for 3-5 days. Besides, you can also freeze your leftover wine at the temperature of home freezers at about 15 degrees F. (Tip: you’d better use the wine for cooking after freezing it as the taste may fail to satisfy your needs.)

Using Stoppers for Wine Storage


The wine bottle stopper is the stuff to preserve the good condition of wine as it can prevent the air from reaching the leftover wine to a large extent. Use a wine stopper to seal the wine bottle tightly and then put the bottle in somewhere cool, which can greatly prolong the retention period of wine. I strongly recommend the stainless-steel vacuum seal bottle stopper as it has universal size and durable material which can keep the wine for days to drink.

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Wine Chiller


Storing wine after opening can be an art of life. As for the short-term preservation, I suggest you use a special type of chiller called hand-thrown pottery chiller. It can keep white wine chilled for 2-3 hours. The beautiful appearance of it can add your kitchen a sort of romantic sentiment as well.

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More Notes


You cantry my suggestions if you are confronted with the dilemma of the wine storage. Besides, pay attention to the tips below if you are still confused:

  • Keep it in dark and cool place.
  • Keep it in the place where the temperature is constant.
  • Prevent the dramatic temperature changes and avoid heating the leftover wine.
  • Keep the temperature below 70 F and keep it steady (don’t shake it).
  • Remember to cork it before putting it in a cool place.

In conclusion, all the methods about how to store wine after opening that I recommend to you above are effective. Wine storage needs your patience and exploration. Try these methods, I believe you can find a most suitable way!

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