How to Store Avocados

By July 16, 2021

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Avocado is a kind of fruit containing nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Scores of people like it and believe it can make them healthier. For me, it’s not like fruit. Instead, I prefer to eat it as meal. There are many different ways of eating avocados, such as put them into a salad, make an avocado milkshake, and slice them into pieces and put into a sandwich. However, I often meet the same problem of how to store avocados. After all, they are not cheap.

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How to Store Unopened Avocados?

It depends on how ripe it is. If you purchase ripe avocados which is ready to eat, it’s better to put them into your refrigerator. They can keep fresh in there for 2 to 3 days.

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But if the avocados are unripe, you should think about when you will eat them. If you want to eat them as soon as possible, put them on your countertop. After waiting for 4-5 days, you can enjoy delicious avocados. And if you don’t eager to eat them, storing them in a refrigerator is more suitable. The low temperature there will slow the ripening process down.

No matter which way you store avocados, remember to check for their ripeness daily. Or they will rot without notice.

How to Store Cut Avocados?

Have you ever cut an avocado and found it hasn’t ripened? Don’t throw it into a trash can. It still has a chance to ripen. Just operate as the following steps:

Step 1 – Sprinkle some lemon or lime juice, or olive oil on the flesh. It will seal the surface of the flesh and avoid oxidation.

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Step 2 – Try to put two halves back together. And then, wrap them tightly with plastic wrap.

Step 3 – Put it into your refrigerator. And check its ripeness every day.

To store a cut ripe avocado, the procedure is similar to what has been listed above. The only difference is no need to put two halves back together. Because you may eat half in most circumstances. You should notice that most cut avocados can last about one day in the refrigerator. For unripe one, the time may be longer. How to cut an avocado like a pro

How to Tell if Avocados are ripe?

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First of all, you should observe the color and texture of its skin. If the color of the skin is dark green to black, it is ready to eat.

And then, feel the texture of its skin. Ripe avocados have bumpy textures on their skin.

Finally, try to squeeze it gently. Don’t press it with your fingers, which will bruise its flesh. If the avocado yields under the gentle squeeze, it means the avocado is ripe.

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