Is Water the Only Way that Keeps You Hydrated

By May 14, 2017

To stay hydrated, it’s not as simple as what you were taught previously—“the eight glasses of water each day” principle. It varies in your bodyweight and work-out intensity. Around 11 cups per day for women and 15 cups, approximately, for men. And drink more when you do exercise at a high intensity. However, many people don’t feel like to drink plain water or lack the habit of doing so. Is water the only way that keeps you hydrated? Of course, no. Then, how to stay hydrated without drinking water?

Practically, the daily fluids requirement is not confined to water. You should eat 20 percent of your daily water intake. In addition, some beverages help contribute to hit your ideal daily H2O mark.



Watermelon, as a major contender for thirst quenchers, is made up of 92 percent water. It is water-rich and its salt, calcium and magnesium content do a great job in hydration. Watermelon is the freshest in the summertime; you can buy in bulk and cool down your summer season. Also, you can ,make flavored water with watermelon. 


cucumber cure chopped lips

Cucumber is composed of 96 percent water and very high in vitamin K, vitaminB6, vitamin E and essential oil. Besides, no saturated fat and cholesterol are in it. You can make homemade cucumber smoothies or add it in salads.



Celery stalks are about 95 percent water. It serves as an ideal food for weight-loss because its high fiber content. However, this often-overlooked veggie which is rich in folate and minerals including potassium and vitamin A, K, C also meets your daily fluid requirement with its high water content. You can make a celery juice, though many people consider this weird taste unacceptable.



Lettuce is also a high water content vegetable. Make lettuce juice for your dinner or pack some salad greens, butter head lettuce with spinach to make the sandwich toppers. This healthy plate of salad helps boost your hydration.

Coconut water

coconut water

Coconut water is an all-natural beverage and low in carbohydrates. It regulates your body fluids through its high electrolyte content and potassium. You can add it to a smoothie or drink it directly, while keep in mind not to make any sweet ingredients added.

Fat-free milk

milk before bed

Milk works better than water for rehydration and recovery after exercise. And the calcium content can keep your bones in good shape. However, you may as well choose fat-free or skim milk, if not; the fluid replacement will be delayed because of the fat in whole milk.

Drinking plain water is not the only hydrating option. It’s possible to stay hydrated without drinking water. Reach for some flavorful fruits and water rich fluids as an alternation, while make sure that the veggies or fruits are consumed raw because most of their water content will lose when cooked or broiled. In addition, it is essential to skip dry, carb-heavy snacks such as chips, crackers and pretzels. The low water content deprives you of the opportunity to get your body hydrated. In such cases, you may find yourself trapped into dehydration with the sign of fatigue, headache, nausea or dizziness.

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