How to spend less time on your cellphone

By July 5, 2019

How to spend less time on your cellphone 1

The data must be astounding if there is an app that counts the time your cellphone consumes. You may have not aware that your cellphone is stealing your time. Actually, modern people are kind of addicted to their phones in a bad way. Worse than that, it’s affecting our life, disrupting our work, and disorders our sleeping habits. It’s time to take action now. The following methods may help you to improve your symptoms gradually, and keep the habits until you find your own peace of mind without the phone.

Turn Off Useless Push Notifications

How to spend less time on your cellphone 3

You will not miss anything out if you don’t check your phone every 15 minutes, even if there are no alerts or notifications. This has been called social anxiety caused by phone addiction. If you turn off those useless push notifications, there won’t be frequents rewarding buzz and “dingding” notifications. So you don’t have to pick up your phone frequently and continue to searching for other information that eat your time. Stop the notifications. Stop ruining your day.

Keep Your Phone Out of the Bedroom

I tried a lot to stop myself playing my phone in bed, but it failed again and again. It’s hard not to scroll the screen to see more useless content. Especially when you really think you need a good rest that day after a rough working day and dealing with naughty children when come home, yet the second you are on bed, you can’t stop to fetch your phone to check on this and that. And that’s how you waste your rest time and welcome a sleepy day tomorrow.

Track Your Phone Usage

How to spend less time on your cellphone 2

Moment is such an app that helps you to track how much time you’ve been spending on your phone. It will clearly show how many times you have picked up your phone, and which app do you spend the most of time on it. By checking the usage, you can know what kind of app is stealing the most of your time. Then cut down that time step by step. Just remember, this app is used to remind you to take actions not to focus on the app itself.

Keep Yourself On Schedule

To keep yourself not to check your phone so often can be plan a schedule to notify you how often you should check it. You can start with short time period, like 15 minutes, and then try to change it to 45 minutes, and even longer once you get to the habit. When the alarm rings, you can go through all the notifications and posts and then set another timer. If you are afraid that you might be missing important messages, just tell your friends and family that you can’t be responding their message instantly as you used to.

 How to spend less time on your cellphone 4

If we can’t control how to spend our time, then we can’t control our life. Start from your phone. Stop them to manipulate your life. Get control of your phone, your time and then your life. Maybe try a phone-free trip to enjoy a truly freedom without social anxiety someday.


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