How to Sleep Well When Travelling

By December 18, 2018

Pacific Islander businesswoman sleeping on private jet

A good sleep is essential in our daily life. Fatigue and listlessness caused by bad sleep will influence our mood for a whole day and even ruin many things secretly. So when traveling, you must want to get an energetic body so as to welcome tomorrow’s surprise and excitement. Here are some practical suggestions for you to ensure a good sleep.

Tip 1: Avoid alcohol and caffeine


Some rumors that a glass of wine will facilitate the sleep process are actually not scientific. Red wines indeed advocate sleep process, but white wines will even worsen your sleep, for alcohol leave you further exhausted in the morning. Thereby, if you want to sleep well without further exhaustion, you can drink a cup of milk or herbal tea instead. Also, as caffeine makes people alert, you should also avoid drinking too much coffee or strong tea during the day.

Tip 2: Drink proper water

Pensive blond woman drinking water in her kitchen

When you travel in high altitude areas like highland, your body and skin will easily get dehydrated. Then you will easily suffer from dizziness and exhaustion, which affects sleep to a great degree. Considering that, you are suggested to drink increased volume of water 24-48 hours before departure.

Tip 3: Arm yourself with practical tools


Traveling means getting into a new environment where people may be different and rituals may be various. In this case, masks, earplug, blindfold, and sleep bags are essential for you to insulate outer noises and adjust to the local environment, especially when you plan to camp in the mountain. Also, if you get used to sleeping with toys or pillows, you can carry them for an easy sleep.

Tip 4: Do exercise if possible


If you rest in a luxurious room where swimming pool and gym equipment are available, you can do exercise properly so as to accelerate blood circulation and advocate sleep.

Tip 5: Meditation

young woman meditating in the bedroom on the bed

Meditation is a good way to calm down yourself and compose your mind. Many successful people meditate before sleeping so as to find a real self–whether happy or not, whether void or not. Meditate for 30 minutes and hear your own breath, feel your own heartbeat. You will find it more relaxing and comfortable.

Tip 6: Eat properly

If you are going to leave at dusk, pamper yourself a light dinner before leaving. Do not gormandize a lot for the sake of eliminating hunger. A full belly will make you feel like on pins and needles. And on the next morning, you can prepare yourself with a protein-heavy breakfast such as eggs and milk.

Tip 7: Adjust to the local sleep timetable of your destination

If you go into another time zone and confronted time lag, try to adjust to the local timetable. The first three days may be excruciating but in the later days you will gratitude your persistence. Furthermore, to avoid jet lag, many westerners choose to get themselves adjust to the local sleep timetable for a week before leaving. This is a good measure to adjust to the destination sleep schedule, but for international trip, it may not work.

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