How to Sleep after Drinking Too Much Coffee

By June 28, 2017

Have you ever drunk a cup of coffee during night? I guess most of you have. Perhaps you have to finish one more presentation for tomorrow’s early morning meeting or review a whole book for tomorrow’s examination, but you’ll soon find no matter how you try you’re still unable to fall asleep after things are done. So are there any manners to sleep after drinking too much coffee? Definitely yes!

How to Sleep after Drinking Too Much Coffee

Before knowing how to get to sleep after too much caffeine intake, we should be clearly aware that prevention is so much important that cure. Often the anxiety that comes about from lying in bed, starting at the clock and constantly counting how much sleep you can still possibly get that night only further exacerbates an already annoying situation. You have to gain control over your body and your mind, it’s hard at first but over time it will become easier. Here are some general sleep guidelines to follow:

Work out to accelerate the elimination of caffeine that in your body


How does caffeine effect your body and keep you alert? Studies pointed out that caffeine is similar to the molecule  adenosine in your brain. The caffeine molecules bind to the adenosine receptors in brain cells and block your real adenosine from binding to the receptors. And generally it takes us about 4-6 hours to consume all the caffeine in a cup of coffee. But if you do some cardio during this time, your blood flows faster and the caffeine remains shorter.

Take a hot shower or bath

Take a hot shower is a super easy and doable thing if you’re trying to get asleep. Why this could work? Your body needs to cool down in order to fall asleep and stay asleep. After a hot shower your body temperature goes high at first, then it drops. This body temperature variation could make you sleepy very fast.

Cool down your body

As we already mentioned before, your body needs to be slightly cool to fall asleep. So do what you can do to make your room slightly cooler. You know, maybe add a fan, open up a window, turn up your AC or maybe use a lighter blanket.

Scent your room with Essential oil

Many essential oil are great for mind soothing such as chamomile and lavender. These essential oil are popular choice to treat insomnia after too much coffee.

Have a coffee nap

coffee nap

Don’t be incredulous about it, coffee nap is scientifically proven. This process takes about 20-minutes, which you can use for a power nap and wake up in time when caffeine has kicked in. The true benefit here is that you get the most efficient usage of coffee while mitigating the longer-term effects.

Drink a cup of warm milk or chamomile tea

milk before bed

Milk is a source of the amino acid tryptophan that converts to serotonin that further converts to melatonin that helps with sleep after drinking too much coffee. While this may not work for everyone, it is definitely worth a try.

Create a relaxing and sleep-inducing environment

be relax

You’re already pumped up from the caffeine so you have to make sure that your bedroom has a good sleep environment. This includes avoiding bright screens and lights an hour before bed, keeping your room dark, cool, and quiet and having an appropriate mattress that will not give your body aches.

Actually, you’d better control the coffee intake to 400 mg per day. And also, you should stop drinking coffee 3 hours prior to bedtime. Thus, you will never have difficulty in falling asleep. 

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