How to Repair Your Sunburnt Skin

By August 2, 2019

Wow, summer is coming; it is time for you to enjoy your time under the sun, go swimming, go fishing and go sun tanning. But long time in the sunshine may make your skin over burned and a sense of scorching comes to you. This is what you have to pay for what you have squandered. But do not worry as you can deal with those sunburns by yourselves at home.

 how to repair the sunburnt skin 1

Here are 5 tips you can do to deal with the sunburns.

Tip 1: After we back home from being suntanned, the first thing we should do is to cool down your damaged skin with a cold wet towel. If the damaged area is too big, you can take a cold water shower with slow running water, but please keep in mind that a cold water shower is not suitable for everyone.

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Tip 2: Severe sunburns will damage the natural protecting screen of the skin, reducing to more loss of humidity even though it can be noticed by your eyes. So we should add more water especially the cold plain water into our body system. Most of our body liquid comes from drinking water and foods, which can accelerate the renovation of our damaged skin.

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Tip 3: Apply your skin with drugs for external use. You can use drugs for external use to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. Your first choice belongs to the moistures of low sensitivity, including the Hydrocortisone cream, which is able to reduce the painful feeling and swelling, increasing its renovation speed; but we do not recommend that because its real curative effect is rather low.

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 Tip 4: Take medicine. If the sunburned area is too large to cure, it is recommended to take medicines including pains killing medicines including the ibuprofen. Or you do not feel any better after taking medicines, and then please go to the doctor for further treatment.

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 Tip 5: it there is any blister on the damaged area, please do not puncture it or it may be easily infected. Go to the doctor directly is your first choice. If unluckily, the blister is broken, don’t worry. The first thing you have to do is to wash it with clean water or mild property soap on the broken blister, then apply with mupirocin on the area. And then cover the top with bacteria-free materials.

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