How to protect your kid’s skin in a hot summer

By January 20, 2023

As the approaching of the hot summer, we should pay more attention to the protection of our kid’s skin because their skin system has not been well developed against the high temperature. So it is indispensable to have more precautions of lowering the high temperature and against a long time of sunburn.

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Avoid outdoor activities during 10:00-16:00

This is the time period when the sunlight becomes the most intense. And there is an easy way to tell is if the shadows of a kid are shorter than his height of him or if it is not advisable to have any outdoors.

how to protect your kid's skin in a hot summer 2

Apply the sunscreen

The UVA has the power to shine through windows, so we highlight even in winter or on a cloudy day, you should use sunscreen on the kid’s skin. Especially for those with fairer skin, who are more vulnerable and sensitive to light, should use sunscreen more often.

When choosing a sunscreen, you should also pay attention if there is any water-resistant mark, which can protect the skin with the good property even when they are sweating. For example, the mark of water-resistant 40min means even in the water, the sunscreen also has a 50% sun-blocking property; water-resistant 80 min means it can have a 50% sun-blocking property even under the water for 80 minutes.

how to protect your kid's skin in a hot summer 3

No sunscreen sprays

Even though it is quite convenient to use a spray, it is not advised because the kids may take in some of it when using it; instead, a lotion or a cream is much safer.

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Enough volume of sunscreen

The sunscreen should be used with enough volume onto the skin where the clothes cannot cover, especially around the ears, around the lips, and the back of the neck. And you should apply it again every two 2 hours. What’s more, there is no need to remove the sunscreen with special removal products, as kids’ sunscreen is quite easy to be cleaned off, and a bath lotion is enough.  

Most of us will feel tired going out with kids as there are so many precautions, but a sunlight bath is good for our health as well as the kids’, and two hour’s outdoors is good for preventing and controlling short eyesight. So compared with those factors, just go out now to have fun in the sun.

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