How to protect your hands for household chores?

By March 11, 2022

We are always told to take care of our skin well, but how many times do you take to protect your hand? Hand skin is also a part that cannot be ignored, especially when you need to do so many troublesome household chores. As we all know, washing dishes too much often causes extremely dry hands, and dishwashing detergent may cause skin irritation. Most people just wear hand cream, but it is not enough, Hand care is an important process in your daily routine.

Here are some ways to protect your hand while doing household chores.

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  1. Wear latex dishwashing gloves

The physical way to prevent your hand from oil stain and dirt is wearing rubber dishwashing gloves. You don’t have to touch any harmful substance.

It will be fine if you have a cut on your hands. Wearing gloves can not only keep the moisture but also avoid pathogen infection.

Someone may complain that it is inconvenient to wash dishes. Actually, it is much quicker with gloves, because we can use the hottest water to wash the dishes, which is cleaner. Remember to choose high-quality latex gloves and clean them with soap regularly.

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  1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap

After you do household chores, it is essential to wash your hands with warm water. Warm water doesn’t irritate the skin and can kill germs.

It is important to apply soap when you wash your hands. Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Don’t ignore the back of your hand, fingers, nails. The time of washing hands can’t be too short. Lastly, rinse your hand with warm water and dry with the clean tower. We hope most of us can take it seriously, especially we are in the coronavirus environment.

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  1. Use a hand cream

You must have a skincare routine for your hands as effectively. Hand cream seems the last step for your hand care. Hand cream is a carry-on item.

Choosing the suitable cream is very vital. The cream should be pleasant to use and nourish the skin. The different texture has different functions.

If you have heavy household chores, you can choose a rich hand moisturizer, which is made of 20% shea butter. Many people are easy to suffer from Cracked hands in the winter while doing household chores, we can choose the ingredients to include vegan and gluten-free, and colloidal oatmeal to help relieve cracked hands. For daily handcare, you can use lightweight creams with tantalizing fragrances in the morning or at night.

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These are very simple and economical ways to protect your hands. It is not easy to stick to a little thing. Hand skin is part of our beauty, so, treat it like our skin. We use our hands to touch our baby, our lovers, and do something we must do. Sometimes, it is overused. Besides, Professional hand care in the institution can provide all-around service. We can enjoy this kind of service twice a week.







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