How to Make the Best Whiskey Cocktails

By November 5, 2018


The best enjoyment in summer must be something that can save you from the great hotness immediately. For example, a cup of whiskey cocktail. Whiskey cocktails can be made in various ways and the core of them is to suit your taste. Here I will show you how to make the best whiskey cocktails.

The Classic Bourbon Rickey


The classic Bourbon Rickey was made in simple materials: bourbon, club soda and lime. It is a mixture of sweetness and tartness, which perfectly cater to people’s taste in hot summer. Its making process is simple: squeeze the lime into the glass and drop one into it; then add bourbon and ice into the same glass; finally, give the glass a full stir and you will get a cup of classic Bourbon Rickey.

For the consideration of aesthetics and elegance, you can also equip your DIY whiskey cocktail with delicate cups. A twisting designed whiskey tumbler will help you to keep this coolness longer.

The Whiskey Sour


The whiskey sour is another popular whiskey that is easy to mix up. To make this, you need to prepare follow materials: whiskey, lemon juice, syrup and egg white. Firstly, gather all the materials with your preferred proportion. Then pour all of them into a cocktail shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake them well and pour them into your glass.

The core to make Whiskey Sour lies in the lemon—it must be fresh. And by balancing the proportion of syrup and sour, you can make your own taste cocktails freely. By the way, if you accidentally add too much sour in the glass cup, you can use egg white to make it smoother.


Delorean Door Fishbowl


Delorean is a fantastic beverage for big family parties and bars—for its large volume and nice appearance. This drink mainly consists of strawberries, black tea bourbon, honey syrup and lemon juice. We can see that it is a combination of sweetness, tartness and herbal bitterness. As every taste contradicts and balances each other, this beverage will create a neither too sweet nor too sour taste. For detailed methods please click here.



This is another old-fashioned cocktail and its taste is not as fresh as the former does. The materials are simple, bourbon, Campari and sweet Vermouth. You just need to combine all ingredients in an elegant glass stored with ice. In the end, you are advised to garnish the juice with an orange twist.

The taste of whiskey cocktails are intricate and changeable, you can make the best whiskey cocktails according to your own preference. For more recipes you can refer to this passage.


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