How to Make Espresso at Home without an Espresso Machine    

By August 25, 2017



Still lining up for an authentic cup of espresso at Starbucks in the morning?

Yes, you may used to start espresso coffee brewing experiment many times at home, only to get an unsatisfying result. And the price of high end stainless steel espresso machines sets big obstacle for achieving your desire.

Actually, chance is that, following proper steps, the cup you have made at home can also be espresso-alike without an espresso machine. And thus, say goodbye to the costly espresso machine.

Here are three pieces of wonderful equipment you need to know served for making espresso.

#1 Aeropress


The Aeropress(What is Areopress?) does a great job in making a strong and potent aroma and flavor. And it stands out at the Roast. 

Equipment you need

  • Aeropress
  • Automatic Grinder
  • Stove Kettle
  • Scale or a tablespoon

Here is a video of how to make espresso with a $20 Aeropresso: 

#2 Moka Pot


Contrasted to the Areopress, you may experience a REAL espresso brewing process with a Moka Pot. By doing this you may be surprised at the water pressure it provides.

Equipment you need

  • Moka Pot  (buy at Amazon)
  • CoffeeGrinder
  • Scale
  • Electric Gooseneck Kettle

It is considered as a classic way to make espresso with the Moka Pot, but it sure brings the aroma and oil of your coffee beans.

How to make espresso-like coffee with a Moka Pot : 

#3 French Press


It is also a good approach to make a strong shot of espresso with a French Press. Get all the equipment you will need as introduced above and do it now.

  • 1. You need to prepare water, electric water heater, coarse coffee powder (any brand as you like) and French Press.
  • 2. Use the electric water heater to boil water. And the temperature should be controlled within 80℃ to 90℃,which is the best temperature to make Espresso. Here we would suggest you determine the water temperature according to your preferences.


  • 3. Put the coffee powder in the French press.According to the standard of 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of coffee powder per 125 ml of water, add coffee powder to the French press.
  • 4. Pour the water into the French press. Pour the water directly into the coffee powder in the French press, ensuring that all the coffee powder is dissolved in the water.

  Tips: When pouring water, adjust the angle properly to ensure that all the coffee powder can dissolve evenly.

  • 5.Put the filter in the top of the French press and let the coffee soak for a while (usually 3 minutes to 4 minutes is enough). Then stir the coffee powder with a spoon to make the top of the coffee grease float on top.
  • 6.Press the button on the top of French Press.If the filter is bent, the coffee powder will leak to the top of the French Press. Then pour the coffee into your own coffee cup.


 Is it easy to make Espresso without an Espresso Machine at home? Just try it out right now!

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