How to Make Crispy Bacon in the Oven

By February 13, 2017

Bacon is one of the greatest pleasures in our life. And I guess a lot of you cannot live without it. There is more than one way to make bacon. You can choose to bake bacon on your stove, in your microwave, in the oven and etc. All of these ways are good ways. But what’s the greatest way? It’s baking the bacon in the oven, which is also suitable for a big Saturday brunch. And the easy and convenient way of baking bacon in the oven has made me a total convert from the original skillet cooking bacon. So, how to make crispy bacon in the oven? Let us dig in.


You will need: Raw bacon | Baking sheet | Metal cooling rack set | Platter | Paper towels | Aluminum foil | Tongs

Guide on how to make crispy bacon in the oven

Preheat the oven for 10 minutes


Preheating is a very necessary part before baking. Why? It’s because that preheating can make your food less influenced by the slow warming of your oven, which can eventually bring you the better taste. Generally speaking, the temperature for preheating is often related to that for baking the food. As for the bacon, it should be 400 degrees F. And the time for preheating is usually 10 minutes.

Arrange the bacon on the cooling rack

line bacon

Firstly, you are supposed to line your baking sheet with the foil (This is for easier cleanup). After that, put the metal cooling rack set over it. Then lay the raw bacon on top of the cooling rack, which can let the bacon fully baked from all sides and finally become extremely crispy.

Bake the bacon

bake bacon

This step is very crucial. And your perfect and crispy bacon mostly depends on this. If you don’t set the proper time for baking it, you will get the unpleasant bacon. And the best time for baking bacon has something to do with the thickness of your bacon slice. For the normal bacon, it’s often about 15 minutes to 20 minutes. While for the thinner or thicker one, it would be out of this range. Meanwhile, the time depends on the degree of crispiness you’d like your bacon to be.

Take out the bacon

enjoy bacon

When the timer you’ve set goes off, take out the bacon from the oven and use the tong to remove it to the platter which has been lined with paper towels to help drain the excess oil. Then, it’s time for you to enjoy the nice crunchy bacon.

Do the cleanup job

clean oven

Don’t forget to clean your oven after you enjoy the crispy bacon. It’s often about the bacon oil. You can choose to save it up into containers or just throw it away. Whatever you choose to do, you should pay much attention that hot oil for fear that it may hurt you.

I bet you will be hooked to bacon if you can follow these steps in your kitchen when you make bacon. No mess, no fuss, make crispy bacon in the oven within 20 minutes and enjoy!

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