How to make an Americano

By April 5, 2021

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Americano is a very popular beverage in North America and around the world. What is it exactly? It is an espresso-based brew with water added to it. It has the taste of espresso, but with a lighter texture and more volume. Read on to learn how to make an Americano at home!


  • 1, Espresso machine
  • 2, Tamper
  • 3, 14-18 grams of espresso coffee beans: You can use non-espresso beans, of course, but it won’t taste that good with a real Americano.
  • 4, Hot or boiling water: You will need hot or boiling water to make your Americano.
  • 5, Scale: A coffee scale enables you to be accurate.
  • 6, Grinder: Grinding is the critical step for the quality of the brew.


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Step 1: Select the good beans

Making an Americano is actually diluting the espresso shot, but it also means amplifying the flaws in the coffee. So make sure you use the beans that you like or know well.

Step 2: Measure out your beans

A typical Americano needs a double shot or 14-18 grams. Fan of the Americano won’t like the single shot because it is not strong enough.

Step 3: Fine grind the beans

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The key to making great espresso is to grind your beans as you would for making a shot of espresso –just go really fine. If you use less-fine grind, it just doesn’t work.

Step 4: Tamp it good

Some machines tamp automatically for you while others don’t. Whichever is the case, now is the time to tamp.

Step 5: Make the espresso

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Every machine is different, so do your thing and brew a shot of espresso with your machine. Here is a video to get you started if you’re a novice. If there is no espresso maker around you, you can still make it. See how: How to make espresso at hoome without an espresso machine.

Step 6: Prepare hot water

Hot the water should be is up to you, but ideally, 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit works the best.

Step 7: Pour the espresso into the water

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Generally, the espresso water ratio is 1:2, and you can adjust it according to your personal taste. It is recommended to pour the espresso into the water, rather than the opposite. Reports show that pouring water into espresso disrupts the taste and messes up the aroma.

Step 8: Hot Americano or iced Americano

All these things are done, you can enjoy your hot Americano. But if you prefer an iced one, use cold water instead of hot water, and the water espresso ratio could be 1.5: 1. Then, pour your espresso into the cold water and add some ice.

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