How Can I Keep My Coffee Hot Longer

By October 9, 2016

Do you prefer a cup of hot coffee in the cold winter day? Guess most people wanna so, but to your horror – the damn thing’s gone cold. If only you knew how to keep coffee hot longer.

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Let’s explore what we can do to keep coffee hot for longer. But, first we should avoid the following common mistakes to keep coffee hot.

What Are You Doing Wrong to Keep Coffee Hot

Mistake 1: Hot plate helps

Are you the one who warm your coffee with hot plate? Now, stop this right now. The hot plate directly heat up your coffee, which will over-extract it and make it taste bitter.

Mistake 2: Using microwave

Microwave is easy to make your coffee hot again. However, there’s more to that. Microwave uses radiation to heat up, which causes your coffee’s temperature end up uneven. What’s more, it is difficult to know when the coffee is sufficiently warmed. A burnt-coffee is often made after heating up by microwave.

Mistake 3: Keeping coffee hot in insulated French Press

Most people try to get an insulated French Press, and just leave coffee in it to stay hot. Most people think that is a good idea. However, it can actually give you an over-extracted cup of coffee.

Right Ways to Keep Coffee Hot

#1 Preheat everything

You may know the importance of temperature while brewing a cup of coffee. An ideal temperature can bring out the flavors of the coffee grounds. Preheating a French Press can make sure the temperature stays at 195 to 205 degrees.

#2 Brew coffee with an insulated French Press

Why is it necessary to brew coffee with an insulated French Press? Though we cannot leave coffee in French Press to keep hot, it can avoid heat loss while steeping for 3-4 minutes.

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insulated french press

#3 Use an insulated bottle

An insulated bottle will do the trick to keep your coffee hot for hours, especially when you are on the move or camping. Put your coffee in an insulated bottle straight after brewing.

insulated water bottle

#4 Choose a cup or mug with a lid

Simply put the lid on your coffee cup for mug to keep the heat in. Choose a cup or mug you like most, and enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the cold day.

coffee mugs with lid

The above 4 methods can help you keep coffee hot for hours. Winter is coming, try this to always have a sip of hot coffee.

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