How to keep coffee hot for longer

By December 21, 2020

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Brewing coffee is a wonderful experience for many coffee lovers, and it is definitely one of the best ways to start your day. However, no one would like to drink a cup of lukewarm coffee, let alone the cold one. How to keep your coffee hot for longer, really? Quite simple.  With some methods that don’t require any special appliance, you’re able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee whenever you want, and wherever you go!

Lets first take a look at the myths to keep your coffee hot

Myth 1: Reheat coffee in the microwave

Putting your coffee in the microwave seems to be the most convenient when you need to reheat it. But the fact is, the heating mechanism may leave your coffee unevenly heated and even burnt.

Myth 2: Use glass carafes to keep coffee hot

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Though it sounds normal, leaving your coffee in the glass carafe is not a good idea. Glass carafes actually don’t have any thermal insulation, which means your coffee will still get cold gradually. Besides, some glass carafes are built in the coffee maker which may make your coffee bitter while it’s getting hot.

Myth 3: Use a hot plate to keep coffee hot

The hot plate is similar to the glass carafes, as it will continue to brew the coffee, making it bitter and over-extracted.

Ways to keep your coffee hot for longer

  • 1, Preheat your cup

If you are a heavy coffee drinker, preheating your coffee mug or cup before you drink coffee should be a routine. A hot cup will heat the coffee and help to maintain the temperature longer, while a cold cup will get your coffee cold relatively faster. To preheat the cup, you just need to fill up the cup with boiling water and leave it for about half an hour. When it is time to serve the coffee, simply discard the hot water.

  • 2, Cup sleeve

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Cup sleeve is originally designed to protect the hands from being burnt from hot coffee, but in the process, it is gradually used to keep your coffee hot for long. The sleeve also works as an insulator so that the heat can be retained in the cup for the coffee to stay hot. You can buy a cup sleeve with just a few bucks or make a custom DIY one.

  • 3, Mug with a lid or thermal mug

The heat of your coffee mostly escape from the top surface, so use a mug with a lid will make a huge difference. Professional thermal mugs are better, because they not only have lids but they are built insulated to keep the coffee hot. With a good thermal mug, you can drink coffee on the go without worrying about spills or leaks.


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