How to Get Rid of Fridge Odor

By December 16, 2016

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Fridge is one of the most frequently used household electric appliances in our life. Ever find the fridge smells awful after long time uses? You are not alone. So, how to get rid of fridge odor? Here I will tell you some useful tips about killing the fridge stinky odor.

Baking soda

backing soda

Prepare an appropriate amount of baking soda (usually 500g is enough), storing in an open can. Leave the can in fridge and replace at least every 3 months. You may found the odor in your fridge disappeared to a large degree.


white vinegar

Vinegar may be the most wildly used ingredients in our life. Maybe it’s so common that we often define it only as the seasoning to put in dishes for better taste. Actually, it also has many amazing functions. It can help remove the odor. Fill several jars with vinegar, which have no lids. And put one jar at each layer of your fridge. (Attention: be careful when you want to get something from your fridge, because overturning the open jar may get you into trouble.)

Coffee grounds

uses for old coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are often dumped after being strained out from the coffee. Actually, recycling it can help to free you from the nightmare of fridge odor. What you need to do is drying your coffee grounds out, and then placing it inside your fridge for one day or two. The odor will just disappear. Likewise, this odor-killing trick works for others.

Tea leaves

loose leaf tea

Used tea leaves or tea bags cab also help dispel the fridge odor. Place a couple of used tea bags or some tea leaves in an open container in your fridge and the odor existing in your fridge will be eliminated a lot.

Pomelo Skin

pomelo skin

What do you usually do with the pomelo skin every time you finish eating pomelo?  Toss it in the trash? Actually, put it into the fridge may be a better choice, which can absorb the strange odor as well as give out pleasant smell.



It’s common that some bread is often left, for we cannot eat them all up. Actually, it just has the same function as the deodorant. Place pieces of bread in an open box in your refrigerator, which will help socking up all awful odors. And, pouring some vinegar in the bread works better to get rid of fridge odor. 

Activated charcoal 

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal itself is an extremely adsorbent material used to deodorize. So, you can try to put some in your fridge to absorb the odor in your fridge. Also, keep in mind that the activated charcoal shouldn’t touch any water.

Try the above methods to help you get rid of fridge odor. If you have any other tricks to eliminate refrigerator, share in the comment below.  

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