How to get happy when you are sad

By May 20, 2022

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Everyone has ever experienced sad moments. They can result from a breakup or a negative review from your boss, or simply happen for no reason. The good news is there’re a lot of things you can do to feel better, many of which are incredibly easy to do, like talking to a friend or going out in nature.

Write down how you feel

Sometimes you don’t know why you feel sad. Why not try writing? Don’t pay attention to your grammar or spelling, just naturally write down your feelings for 5 minutes, and you’ll know what’s exactly troubling you and better understand yourself.

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Allow yourself to cry

Though it may sound counter-intuitive, having a good cry when you want to can make you feel a lot better. Crying is a good way to shed off your stress hormones, so allow yourself to cry and then move on with your life.

Do something you like

When you are sad, dwelling on this emotion will make you feel even worse. You need to distract yourself by doing something you like, for instance, listening to energetic music, reading, going for a walk, eating snacks and so on. In this way, you’ll forget time and place and feel powerful again.

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Talk to a friend

People can’t live without social support. When you’re sad, talk to a friend. You will know better how you feel right now because you have to make them into words. With your friend patiently listening to you and giving you useful advice, you will feel supported and believe that you’re not alone.

Reframe your thoughts

Sometimes it’s not the reality that defeats you, it’s how you think of it that makes you down. Luckily, you can change that simply by “cognitive restructuring”, which means that you turn your negative thinking into a positive one. A good example is replacing negative words like “always” and “forever” with promising “may”.

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Help others

When you are sad, get out of your small world. Spend your time helping others, whether it is helping out at a volunteering center or doing someone a favor in daily life. Kindness to others can make you enjoy a meaningful life, and increase your sense of well-being.

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