How to DIY Valentine Flower Arrangements

By April 6, 2019

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Valentine festival is always full of amazement and creativity. Most girls will receive flowers at this day, yet without caring, the flowers are likely to faded away and finally withered into pieces. So how to make use of those flowers and make it full of value and creativity? Here are some tips.


Tip 1 Make drying hydrangeas

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Some people are cats and dogs owners, their house then there is not suitable for fresh flower. Because your pets will eat and break them easily. Drying Hydrangeas under this case will work effectively, and it is durable enough to face with time and pets.

Preparation: Clippings of fresh hydrangeas, small bottles or vases and clippers.

Steps: remove all the leaves, clip stems and hang them in a dry ventilate place. Dry the hydrangeas for 3-5 days and then collect them in to a vase.

You can put the big and small flowers together so as to make it more vivid.


Tip 2 Make a Rose Ball

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There is no other day in a year that you will get so many roses. Why not gather them together and make a rose ball? You can hang it in the balcony or even bring it to a garden wedding.

Preparation: Styrofoam ball made of foam, 2-4 dozen roses, ribbons of various color, cabinet knob with screw, hot glue gun

Steps: firstly, you should choose roses whose colors match with each other like red and dark pink, white and shallow yellow. Also, you can choose carnations and daises as the subjects.

Secondly, trimming your roses. Trim stems of roses to 1 inch and leave the cutting surface a slope so as to increase the contact area of water.

Thirdly, poke holes in an alternating pattern on the surface of Styrofoam ball(poke a special hole for the topper).The hole should be deep enough to hide the stem and leave roses only outside.

Fourthly, cover the Styrofoam ball with roses.

Fifthly, create a topper for your rose ball to make it convenient for hanging. Squeeze hot glue down into the special hole and put the cabinet knob with screw into it quickly. Let it air dried.

Finally, tie ribbons of various colors to the topper to make it colorful and elegant.


Tip 3 Ball Glass Garden

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Spring always comes with lovely green grass and flushes flowers. If you can put greenness, flowers and branch into house. Nothing is more fascinating th an it.

Preparation: Ball glass container, green moss, sprouting rose branch with buds, 2 roses, scissors.

Steps: firstly, prepare a ball glass container with a piece of green moss in it and add appropriate nutrient solution into it.

Secondly, trim your roses into 1 inch (or less, it is based upon the thickness of moss)

Thirdly, poke three holes on the surface of the moss. Two for roses and one for the sprouting branch.

Fourthly, insert the roses and branch into the moss.

For the consideration of beauty, you can also add colorful balls into it such as green balls, red balls.

You can also use your own imagination for Valentine flower arrangements since you have the basic materials of vases, scissors, flowers and ribbons.

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