How to deal with your sensitive skin

By August 5, 2022

Someone will always ask why I still have so many skin problems after I do a careful daily skin maintenance. Even my husband has a better skin condition than me even though he does not do any facial maintenance. The real reason is that some excessive actions will bring out some bad effects. What we should do is to remember the basic steps of maintaining our sensitive skin.

How to deal with your sensitive skin 1

  1. Daily and right maintaining steps

All the steps can be simplified as tenderness. Let’s make a clear explanation one by one. The first one is that you should wash your face with warm water and with tender movements on the face. And the washing frequency should be less than that of the normal skin face. A too hot temperature of water will wash away too much protective oil on the face, which is an indispensable protection of our skin. So the ideal water temperature is 20 centigrade or so or cooler than that level. So it is not advisable to wash your face when you are taking a shower. Because the shower water temperature is much higher than 20 centigrade. By the way, the so-called alternative hot water with cold water method plays no role in cleaning the pores, and on the contrary, it will make the facial skin more sensitive.

How to deal with your sensitive skin 2

  1. The moisture of the skin

To some people, they feel any products applied to the skin will cause sensitiveness. So the best way is to use nothing. But this is the way we must not adopt, even for dry skin. The advisable moisturizing time after cleaning is within 3-5 minutes.

Some people mistake moisture for hydrating. As a matter of fact, the water can not be hydrated into the skin system. And the real solution is to reduce the loss of the water in our skin and the so-called moisture. The toner, water spray and mask are not the most effective way to keep our skin moisturized while the essence and cream marks the cardinal moisture steps.

Beautiful woman applying facial skin lotion moisturiser

  1. The most important thing about sun shielding.

The sunshine will accelerate the loss of collagen and lead to the inflammation of the skin, the rise of color spot, the fine lines and the expanding of pores. So when the ultraviolet is higher than 2, even if you stay inside the house, you should also wear some sunscreens.

The earlier you get rid of the sensitive skin, the earlier you will be free from those troubles.

Close up of woman wearing sun hat

Close up of woman wearing sun hat

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