How to cut an avocado like a pro

By April 2, 2021

How to cut an avocado like a pro-1

Avocado is one of the most popular foods that is versatile to be applied in various dishes and nutritional for its a good deal of healthy fats, fiber, vitamin, and minerals. In this essay you’ll learn some great ways to cut avocado for a salad, avocado toast, guacamole and more.

Before you start

You must have heard about many special avocado tools to open an avocado. Actually, what you already have in your kitchen may work better than that stuff. Just prepare a cutting board and a sharp knife, but only ceramic or plastic. Because a metal knife may react with the avocado, accelerating the oxidation process and turning the avocado brown. On the contrary, ceramic and plastic are nonreactive, so you need not worry about premature oxidation.

How to open an avocado

How to cut an avocado like a pro-2

Slice into the avocado with the knife until you reach the pit in the center. Continue slice lengthwise around the avocado. You would be able to twist the two halves and separate the avocado.

How to remove the avocado pit

To remove the avocado pit, just smash the knife blade into the pit until it sticks. Then rotate the blade until the pit separates from the flesh and still remains on the knife.

You can also remove the pit by using the tip of a spoon against a cutting board to loosen it.

How to cut avocado into slices

You can cut avocado into slices without peeling. Simply make vertical slices with the tips of the knife. After that, use a spoon to scoop the sliced flesh out. If you want diced avocado, make horizontal slices based on the steps above.

How to store a cut avocado

How to cut an avocado like a pro-3

Cut avocado has much more contact area with the air, so it is easier to turn brown. The best option is to consume avocado as soon as you opened it. But if you have to leave the opened or cut avocado for days, there are two effective methods that can keep it for longer:

  • Sprinkle lemon or lime juice over the avocado so that it will form a barrier to keep the avocado from being oxidized. This is especially useful when you want to make guacamole, as the avocado will be full of citrus flavor.
  • Tightly cover the avocado with plastic wrap to create an airtight surface.
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