How to Cool Your Car Quickly

By August 30, 2021

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For most drivers, it’s a scary thing to step into a car sitting in the sun. If you leave your car under the sun all day, the temperatures inside the car may be over 120℉. Although you open the air conditioner once you enter the car, the air is still damp and extremely hot. At that time, you start to believe that you can melt like ice cream.

Can we cool down a hot car interior faster? The answer is YES. Now, let’s learn how to operate.

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Method 1

Step 1: Only open up co-driver window

Step 2: Open and shut the driver’s door 5 to 8 times.

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Now, the temperature inside the car has dropped down to a level you can endure. Its principle is the same as the principle of pulling the bellows. Let the air inside and outside the exchange. It will make the air inside the car cooling down 10℃ in 30 seconds.

Method 2

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Step 1: Open the air conditioner. And adjust the wind speed to the maximum.

Step 2: Switch from inner loop to outside loop

Step 3: Open up all the windows and car sunroof.

Step 4: Wait for 1 minute. Then close all the windows and car sunroof. Switch the outside loop to the inner loop. Turn down the wind speed to your comfort level.

This operation also makes the hot air inside the car exhaust quickly to outside. What’s more important, the hot air contains a lot of noxious gas volatilizing from the automotive interior, such as methanol. This operation will help to exhaust most of the noxious gas.

Besides these two remedial measures, there are some preventative methods.

  1. 1. It’s better to not parking your car under the sun. Park it in a parking garage, or try to find and locate it under some shade.
  2. 2. Put sunshades in the windshield and windows of your vehicle whichever are facing the sunshine. It blocks out most of the sun’s rays and keeps the interior cooler.

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  1. 3. Use some white or light-colored set covers. If the seats of your vehicle are dark brown or black, your vehicle will absorb more heat than will those cars that have light or brightly colored seats.

Hope our suggestions can be helpful. Let’s enjoy a cooling summer this year. If you have any other tricks, please leave a comment and share with us.

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