How to clean your glasses the right way

By July 2, 2021

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Do you wear glasses? How often do you clean your glasses? It’s necessary to clean them in time, or you will feel uncomfortable when there is dirt or grease on the lenses. What’s more, bacteria are possibly growing on your glasses and do harm to your eyes.

How do you clean your eyeglasses? Have you ever met the situation that your eyeglasses became more obscure after you rub them with a dry cloth? What’s worse, it even leaves several scratches on them. There are dust and little grains of sand remaining on your lens. Under these circumstances, if you clean your glasses with a dry cloth, the dirt will rub the lens and cause scratches. Therefore, it’s very important to clean glasses the right way.

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Clean Your Eyeglasses Correctly

Step 1 – Rinse your glasses under a gentle stream of lukewarm water. It will bring away the dust and little grains of sand. Don’t use hot water. It will damage the coating of the lens. If there is too much grease on your lens, you can apply a small drop of lotion-free dishwashing liquid on them. And then, gently wash them with your hands.

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Step 2 – Dry your glasses with a clean, microfiber glasses cloth, which you can purchase in optical shops. Rub every part of your glasses, including lens, frame, and nose pads. Please remember to gently rub your lenses in the same direction.

Don’t try to use your clothing, paper towels, or toilet paper to dry them. They may leave dust or scraps of paper on your lens, and waste all your effort.

Besides, you should remember to wash your glasses cloth regularly.

Can you remove the scratches on the lens?

No, you can’t. Sorry to tell you, all methods spread on the internet teaching you how to remove them are useless. Too many scratches left on your lens can affect your vision and do harm to your eyes. What’s you should do is go to an optical store and get a new pair of glasses, and try to use them carefully in the future. How to improve digital eyestrain

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How to protect your glasses?

  1. 1. Store your glasses in a clean case.

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  1. 2. Never place them face down.
  2. 3. Take off your glasses with two hands holding the two legs of the glasses.
  3. 4. Don’t leave your glasses in a hot place, such as stoves side, near a fireplace, or in your car for a long time in summer.
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