How to Clean Stains from Drinking Glasses

By November 29, 2018


When it comes to clean stains from drinking glasses, it occurred to me several bad experience. I once washed glass bottles covered by white stains for half an hour by a soft cloth sipped with washing-up liquid, and the glass just keep cloudy as I have never cleaned it. Also, for some decanters whose neck are so narrow and long that to wash every corner of it seems so difficult for me. Not until I found some related information about it did I free myself from uncleaning washing.

Firstly of all, as we use glass cups for different kinds of beverage drinking, we need to identify the stains. Some of them are normal berries or fruits; some of them are hard water stains; still, some of them are stains from coffee or tea. For these three kinds of stains, I have prepared three solutions for you.

Type one: normal stains


For normal stains, you just need to prepare a soft cloth and a bottle of cleaning-up liquid. Dip the glass cup into the washing-up sink for one minute. Then wash the cup with the cloth sipped with cleaning liquid.  For the consideration of cleaning and safety, you should wash the glass cup another two times.

Type two: hard water stains


As for non-distilled water, there are many mineral substances in it. Some high mineral substance contained water is not advised to drink, but a majority of purified water is drinkable. I once live in countryside and often drink well water; they are sweet indeed but when time gets longer, the water container is covered by hard strains. We can also see these cloudy strains in tooth cups and thermos. The main content of this strain is calcium carbonate and their fatal enemy is acid.

To clean them off, you need to prepare a bowl of white vinegar mixed with warm water. Use two tablespoons of vinegar for every cup of water. Then, wipe down the glasses with a clean soft cloth moistened with this vinegar. Make sure that the cloth is moistened thoroughly so as to achieve a satisfying effect. Vinegar has a strong smell and is hard to remove; you can rinse the cup in running water for several times or even use washing liquid to eliminate it. By the way, if you have to wash numerous glasses at a time you can soak them in the washing-up sink filled with the vinegar and water. Let them sit for twenty minutes and you will find washing is so easy a thing.

Type three: dark stains


Dark stains often accompany with strong tea and coffee. If you leave coffee or tea in the cup for a long period of time, the cup will be covered with dark stains. This is the hardest stain among the three stains and we need to use chlorine bleach. We need to prepare a basin filled with warm water mixed with chlorine bleach. As for the proportion, you are advised to add one tablespoon of chlorine bleach to a gallon of warm water. Then immerse your glass into it for nearly thirty minutes and you will find the stains dispelled. Keep in mind that you have to wear rubber gloves to avoid hurts from bleach. After the stains are cleaned, additional actions need to be taken for the elimination of bleach. Add some baking soda into the glasses and scrub it with a clean wet sponge. Finally, let the glass thoroughly be rinsed and let it air dry.

For dark stains, there is also an alternative solution—using toothpaste. You can use a clean toothbrush to gently spread the toothpaste all over the inside and outside of the glass. Wash it thoroughly and let it air dry.

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