How to Clean a Decanter Easily

By June 1, 2018


A decanter is a vessel serving as the container of various liquids such as wine (especially the red wine). Decanters, made from glass or crystal, have diversified types and shapes. Just because of this, it’s really a challenge to clean a decanter on account of these features. Here, I’m going to provide some methods to help you clean a decanter easily.

Crushed Eggshells


It seems unlikely, but cleaning decanters with crushed eggshells is the most convenient method as it is effortless to prepare the ingredients. Rinse out your decanter and soak it with lukewarm water for about 5 minutes to remove any remaining wine. Then, pour the eggshells into the vessel and add warm water and cleaning solution until all the stains are covered. Shake it gently and repeat the step if necessary.

Uncooked Rice


Uncooked rice is one of the best material to clean decanters as it can cope with the strange size of certain glass containers. Fill your decanter with uncooked rice, lukewarm water and washing up liquid and then shake it off until utterly clean. Rinse your decanter and let it dry. You’ll get a sparkling container.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Beads


Using stainless steel cleaning beads to clean your decanter is another sensible choice. These cleaning beads which just cost you some £4-£12 can be reused for so many times. Just rinse the decanter and soak it in warm water and then pour the cleaning beads and enough water into the vessel until all the stains are covered. Swirl and shake the decanter until the stains are removed. Repeat the step if necessary.

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Crushed Ice and Water


Crushed ice can be agitated inside your decanter so it’s easier to dissolve the stains and residue. Similar to the methods that I’ve mentioned above, the first step is always to rinse out your decanter and top up it with lukewarm water to soften the stains and loosen marks. Then, put a scoop of crushed ice into the decanter and add water to the container. Swirl it softly and repeat all the steps until stains are removed completely.

Other Tips


Clean a decanter easily won’t be a difficult work once you have mastered some methods that I recommend above. What’s more, you should also pay attention to the following tips:

  • Two ingredients: a scrubber and cleaning solution.
  • Scrubbers includes crushed eggshells or ice, uncooked rice, small ball bearings and etc. Cleaning solution includes lukewarm water, lemon juice, water and white vinegar, water and salt and etc.
  • White vinegar and salt are the best materials to cope with the stubborn stains.
  • Remember to use lukewarm water to reduce the damage to the decanter.
  • After using your decanter, remember to clean it as soon as possible.
  • Specialist decanter-cleaning brushes can also help cleaning decanters.

In summary, all the methods and tips that I recommended above are really good choices that deserves your attempts. Try these methods, you can definitely find the most effective way for decanter cleaning!

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