How to choose workout drinks for women

By June 17, 2019

As everyone knows men and women have different nutrition needs while exercising, most times when people talking about the workout drinks or supplements are referring to the male groups, how to choose workout drinks for women? I wrapped out some typical workout drinks notes for your reference.


1.Protein shake

While protein is taken by men and women to build muscle mass it is also able to aid in the loss of weight to help shred effects of fat and define lean muscle, but not all proteins works the same, first and foremost you need to figure out your personal goals. Are you looking to gain lean muscle or just sneak in some extra nutrient boost? If it’s the latter one, protein shake might come in handy, it will ease your hunger longer, simply mix protein powder with water which has no extra calories. For pre or post workout fuel supplement, isolate protein powder works the best, it helps release energy faster and you don’t need to wait to reap its benefits, just prepare an isolate protein shake prior you hit the gym. If you are seeking muscle gain you can go for casein protein, which is a milk protein that takes 6-8 hours to fully digest, usually you can take it before bedtime, no worry about your stomach, it won’t feel bloated afterwards.


2.Caffeine drinks

Many females are worried about the negative effects coffee or tea may cause for workout, actually caffeine is a natural workout energizer. If you take a cup of coffee or tea as pre-workout drink, it will stimulate some particular parts of the brain to make you feel less tired, increase your attention and focus on the exercise. Just remember that you’d better control the amount of caffeine, 100mg is medium for workout, generally one cup of brewed coffee contains 70-140 mg of caffeine, and be aware of adding too much sugar on it if you want to keep fit.


3.Soda water

You will lose a lot of water while you workout due to sweating, to compensate for the loss, hydrating your frame is essential, water is a workout must-have drink. Instead of drinking pure water, soda water is a healthy alternative, it helps fight against acid buildup in the body. Many reports claim that sodium bicarbonate has a small benefit during intense workout, the optimal dose is about 136 mg per pound, for females 500 ml soda water is sufficient. For homemade soda water you can weigh the precise amount of baking soda and mix it with mineral water.


There are a lot of alternatives of energizing beverage or workout supplements, no matter you are aiming to keep fit, build muscles or lose weight, the key point is to stay healthy, don’t push yourself too much,  reasonable diet, working, resting regularly and keeping happy mood.


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