How to choose the best Ashtray?

By January 4, 2021

Tobacco use is the most phenomenon around the world, even though it is the preventable cause of cancer and death. Comparing to China, Europe has the highest prevalence of tobacco smoking, Greece also has one of the highest smoking in

the world, nearly 42.4%. Greeks smoke an average of at least eight cigarettes a day, while Chinese smokers smoke about 4.5 a day. Now that smoking is unstoppable, learning to choose a good ashtray is necessary.

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For most smokers, Smoke is life, fire is a weapon, so what’s an ashtray? and that’s an armor. The materials of the ashtray are a vital factor to get rid of the bad odor undoubtedly. In the general, ashtray can be divided into ceramic, glass, metal, stainless steel,  

Plastic, stone. The ceramic ashtray is high temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant, which is one of the most popular ashtrays, but it is so fragile that easy to broken. Stainless steel ashtray that is wind-proof and rain-proof is a perfect choice. It is not much fragile, and easy to clean. Here is the Ecooe ashtray with lid stainless steel for outdoor-indoor copper. If you have no idea how to choose the brands, Ecooe stainless steel is your top choice. Glass ashtray is also a classic option for smokers, it is cleaned and maintained easily. However, it is hard to avoid scratching.

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Ashtray has different functions, outdoor and indoor, such as business use, home use, car use, and travel use. For commercial ashtray, you have to consider the ashtray capacity, making sure of space size and the number of smokers in the area. No matter it is in the storefront, office building, or restaurant, they must be easy to spot and easy to use. You can choose smokeless ashtrays that can eliminate the cigarette smell. If you are always on the go for traveling, a potable pocket ashtray is an ideal, anti-litter device for outdoor events that features a lightweight and compact pouch to store in any pocket, bag, or car.

No longer do the darts need to plague the environment! 

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In fact, an ashtray is not just a daily tool, but a decoration or even a work of art in some way. The design of an ashtray sometimes can be regarded as a taste of someone. The Burj Al Arab Ashtray is among the World’s Most Expensive At $7,250.Surely, you don’t have to buy this kind of ashtray. If you are a lady, you can choose the elegant and round ashtray. What’s more, printing the favorite pictures in the ashtray is also a trend. For men, a Vintage ashtray is a good match for the living room. Ashtray can be homemade, also have much creative design that is impressive, like A 24-carat gold ashtray, VIZIO candle ashtray, a coffee cup with an ashtray.

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Ecooe Wind Ashtray with Lid Stainless Steel XL

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