How to Brew Tea in A French Press

By September 7, 2016

Can I brew tea with my French Press? Many people have such question. It is generally known that French Press is used for making coffee, yet it can used also be used to brew tea.

brew tea with french press

To brew tea in a French Press, you need to prepare loose leaf tea for it’s better to brew. Then, let’s start making tea with a French Press.

Step 1. Thoroughly Clean the French Press

Clean your French Press carefully, paying close attention to removing the residues from the mesh plunger if it has been previously used to brew coffee. Or the taste of the tea you brewed will be discounted.

clean the french press

Step 2. Rinse the Tea

Wash the tea with hot water. You should add enough water to cover the tea leaves, wait a few seconds, and pour the water out. This is done to wash the dust off the leaves and to awaken or unfurl them.

Step 3. Steep the Tea Leaves

Add near boiling water to the French Press and put the lid on to help retain heat. Leave the tea steep the right time (1-5 minutes, depending on the kind of tea).

Step 4. Press the Plunger

After full time steeping, press the plunger to the bottom. And pour over all tea into an insulated vessel or a water pitcher. If you plan to resteep the tea leaves, then remember do not press the plunger all the way to the bottom, which may crush the leaves ruining the subsequent steeping.

enjoy tea

It is a good decision to brew tea in a French Press. Unlike tea nag or tea ball, the tea leaves have so much more room to fully expand and steep properly.  By the way, brewing tea in a teapot with infuser built in is also a good choice. Whether to brew tea in a French Press or in a teapot is all up to you.

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