How to avoid grounds in my coffee while using a Moka pot

By February 7, 2018


The espresso-like cup of coffee made with my Moka pot keep me alert in the morning, while the coffee grounds in the cup damp my spirits for a failure in the final step of coffee-making. Where the errors lie? Is it lies in the coffee grind size or the water temperature? Maybe some extra steps make a difference as well.

Actually, there are 3 points to be noticed to avoid grounds in coffee while using a Moka pot. Let’s have these in details.

1# coffee grinds


Fine coffee grind size is suitable for brew methods like espresso and Moka pot. (See the right coffee grind size for different coffee-brewing methods.) However, the key point is that the grind for Moka pot should be prepared slightly coarser than that used for espresso. Coarser grind makes a consistent cup because there are no small grounds remaining on the top. If you would like to buy ready-ground coffee, figure out the right one for Stove Ground.

In addition, remember not to tamp down the grounds but tap the side of the container to level them on top.

2# water temperature


Many of you may add room temperature water into the chamber, and place it onto the stove boiling for extraction. However, it is suggested to pour the mixed boiling water and room temperature water. A higher water temperature decreases the pressure in the container which may avoid pushing out coffee grounds.

Still, there are some viewed that too high of heat prepared makes an opposite result. Thus, you can choose proper water temperature to make a consistent cup.

3# heating process


Put the pot on the stove for heating; remember to leave the lid open through the process until it boils. Well, what’s the crucial part for coffee grounds avoidance? It is the place where you put the stove. Set the stove on low so that reduce the speed of flow and prevent coffee grounds from ending up in the cup.

And you’d better remove the pot from the heat immediately before the gurgling sound released. After cooling the base, pour out coffee into cups and keep the steps within a short time period just like having a quick sip of your freshly-brewed decent cup.


Actually, coffee-brewing process appears to be an experiment, with different coffee beans to start, with various coffee makers to choose, with preferable ingredients to modify the cup. All the results come down to the state of mind. For me, I will ask myself how long I can wait and I should wait.

Hope you have got some useful information on how to avoid grounds in coffee with a Moka pot. If you have any questions, please edit in the comment boxes below.


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