How Many Times Can You Reuse Loose Tea?

By December 8, 2017

Do be too quick to throw away loose tea after you have used it. There many be a lot of flavour left within those tea leaves. In China, many times the first infusion of the tea is thrown away; what is desired is the taste within the second infusion.


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What Teas can be reused?

Life is full of choices that allow us to live according to our personal preference. Tea is no different from this as you can choose to drink tea according to your own personal preference. The key to finding out your preference is experimentation! When you find your favourite style of tea, let no one stop you from drinking it your way.


How long should you wait between reusing your tea?
Moisture and oxidation are the components which break down tea. After you use your tea, the tea begins to break down quickly. Generally, teas should be reused in 1-3 hours after the first usage. After this, teas will not taste the same as before. Unfortunately, refrigeration does not stop tea breaking down. The best way to avoid waste is to use less tea leaves. It is worth looking at how long you should steep your tea.


Below is a guide that should help you understand how much you can reuse each kind of tea

Pu-Erh Tea: This kind of tea is fermented for years to uncover its particular flavour– similar to fine wines. Generally speaking, the older the tea then the more times it can be reused. Interestingly enough, some Pu-Erh teas can maintain their flavour after being reused ten times.

Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is very interesting because its flavour changes as your reuse it. Usually you can gain two to three uses of the tea. Yet, if you purchase higher quality tea then you may be able to reuse it more.

Green Tea: Most green teas when reused maintain their quality. Generally, you can get two to three uses from a good quality green tea.

White Tea: White tea is generally not see as possessing a strong flavour. Yet, its flavour is smooth and resilient to multiple uses. You should be able to get two to three uses.

Black Tea: Black tea has a power and robust taste and because of this its taste remains after multiple uses. Your first use will possess power and strength. The second and third will still have a strength that is characteristic of black tea, however it will have lost some of its potency.

Flavoured Tea: Flavoured teas tend to lose much of their strength after the first usage.

Herbal Tea: Herbal tea refers to a category that includes various different kinds of herbs. Different herbs have different strengths. Obviously, stronger flavours tend to perform better. Yet, any herbal tea should be reused a second time – you’re only wasting hot water if it tastes bad.


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