How Do You Unshrink A Sweater

By February 3, 2017

I guess most of you may have encountered with the shrunken sweater problem. And it’s common that you put your sweater in the dryer by accident, only to find it turns out to be the baby-size sweater. Then how do you unshrink a sweater? Here are some tricks available that can help you to deal with the shrunken sweater problems.

Trick 1. Baby shampoo or Hair conditioner

baby shampoo

Baby shampoo and the conditioner can help loose the fibers of your shrunken sweater. To do this, you only need to fulfill 6 steps, which are easy for you to do.

Step 1: Fill your laundry tub or sink with lukewarm water and add some baby shampoo or hair conditioner in it. (The wool sweater often needs more conditioner if you need to unshrink it.) Stir the mixture until the water becomes soapy consistency.

soap sweater

Step 2: Soap your sweater into that mixture for 20 to 25 minutes. If needed, you can start stretching the sweater underwater as it soaks.

Step 3: Squeeze out the extra water. Remove the sweater out.

squeeze sweater

Step 4: Lay the sweater flat between two towels and roll up the two towels so that you can squeeze extra water.

lay in towers

Step 5: Place the sweater on another dry towel and stretch the sweater to the needed size. And you should pay much attention to the armholes, sleeves and the neckline when you do stretching work in case of overstretching.

Step 6: Rinse the sweater in cold water to remove the hair conditioner or baby shampoo. 

Trick 2. Vinegar

vinegar stretch

 Vinegar is also a good choice to help you unshrink a sweater. By using vinegar, you can not only deal with the shrunken sweater but also can make your sweater brighter.

Step 1: Fill a basin with appropriate water and pour several drops of vinegar into it. Completely soap the sweater in the mixture for 20 minutes or so, which can make the fibers begin relaxing.

Step 2: Take out the sweater and lay it between two towels. Then squeeze firmly to remove the excess water. After that, roll up the towels with the sweater in it so that the lingering water can be absorbed as much as possible.

dry sweater

Step 3: Transfer the sweater to a dry and fresh towel which has been laid flat ahead of time. Begin stretching it in all directions to get the proper sweater size. After that, just rinse the sweater in the water if you don’t like the smell of vinegar. 

The above two tricks are all worth trying. And there will be no such things as the shrunken sweater if you can apply these two hacks well in your life. They do work, why don’t you have a try? 

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