How Do I Fix My Under Eye Bags

By February 23, 2017

I have under eye bags whether I sleep early or not. I guess I am not the only one suffering this. The great work pressure and unhealthy life habit always causes under eye bags. To fix my under eye bags, I have tried many ways that are learnt from Internet. Here I will list some useful ways which can give your under eye bags problem a permanent fix.

1. Massage after getting up

Massage after getting up

The time after getting up in the morning is the golden time to eliminate the under-eye bags. After washing face, massage the skin around the eyes with both of your hands for 5 minutes or so. This can promote the blood circulation of the eyes, which finally removes the under-eye bags.

2. Cucumber or wax gourd slices

Cucumber or wax gourd slices

Before going to the bed, you can coat cucumber or wax gourd slices under the eyes, which can help reduce the swelling detoxification and fatigue of your eyes. And if you insist to apply these slices to your eyes for 2 weeks, you will see a difference.

3. Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs

You can often find that the eyes turn out to be puffy in every morning when you wake up. And what you need to do is washing your face, boiling an egg, peeling that egg, wrapping it with a towel and using it to massage your eyes. By doing so, the blood circulation of the skin around your eyes could be promoted a lot. And not only the under-eye bags but the dark circles would disappear after several days.

4. Cold spoons

cold spoon under eye bags

Freeze a couple of spoons overnight. Rest them on your eyes In the morning until they are not cold any longer. If you make an effort to do this every morning you will see a big difference in about two weeks. 

5. Lemon slices

lemon slices under eye bags

Place two thin lemon slices onto your under eye bags or puffiness. After 20 minutes, carefully rinse off with cold water.

6. Balanced diet

Balanced diet can also help you keep away from under-eye bags. Chewing carrots, celery and gum helps improve facial skin. And potatoes, tomatoes, the liver of animals should be paid much attention. That’s to say, don’t be fastidious about food. And a balanced diet can ensure the necessary nutrients for the regeneration of the eye cells, which works well in eliminating under-eye bags.

7. Sufficient sleep

Insufficient sleep is one of the major causes of under-eye bags. To remove the under-eye bags, you must make sure that you have sufficient and high quality sleep every day. Try to avoid staying up late as much as possible and get into the habit of going to bed early and get up early. Sufficient sleep is the premise of good health and free under-eye bags.

8. Avoid salty food and water before sleep

Eating salty food and drinking too much water before sleep can give rise to the under-eye bags. This should be forbidden if you want to be free from under-eye bags. Likewise, too low pillow could bring about this problem. Well, using the eye cream to massage the eyes in the morning or evening is necessary as well.

9. Cleanse your makeup thoroughly

For girls who often make up, you should be careful when doing the cleansing work. And you’d better use the professional makeup remover according to the reasonable orders for fear of the stimulation to your eyes, which may cause the severe under-eye bags in the end.

There are quite a lot of ways for you to eliminate under eye bags, but not all of them could work well. You should choose according to your personal situation. And you have to know that there is no 100 percent perfect ways. The best way to fix your under-eye bags is the prevention work, which lies in daily maintenance and a good life habit.

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