Goat Milk or Cow Milk: Which One to Choose

By November 6, 2020

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You’re probably familiar with cow milk and a series of food made from it, but have you ever thought about drinking goat milk? Goat and cow milk share a lot of common features that are good for the human body, and goat milk offers some additional health benefits for you. Which one should you be drinking then? Let’s make a comparison!


On average, one cup of goat milk provides 140 calories, 7 grams of fat, and a modest amount of cholesterol of 24 milligrams. It hits low in sodium and carbohydrates, but it is rich in a range of vitamins and minerals. For instance, the amount of vitamins A and D, calcium, selenium, vitamin B12, and folic acid are higher in goat milk compared with cow milk.

Fat content

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One of the best-known advantages of goat milk is its efficient digestion. This is because goat milk has smaller fat globules and greater surface area than cow milk, which is more efficiently worked on the fat-digesting enzyme.

Protein content

Milk contains a micro-protein called Alpha S1 Casein that determines the structure of the curd. However, it is this matter that causes the most common allergies in children under 3 years old. Goat milk has about 89% less Alpha S1 Casein, which is good news for those who have dairy sensitivities.

Lactose tolerance

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Some people are lactose-intolerant because their bodies lack enzymes that help break down lactose. Goat milk contains less lactose (milk sugar), which means we need less such enzymes to digest the milk.

Acidity and alkalinity

It is seldom known that cow milk and goat milk contradict each other in PH. The former is slightly acidic, while the latter is alkaline. Scientific studies have proved that an alkaline diet is more healthful and can prevent a lot of diseases. That said, drinking goat milk can benefit you more.


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Goat milk is more homogenized than cow milk, which means that it can keep smooth and consistent without any manual intervention. While for fresh cow milk, you will notice an undesirable layer of milk film on top if leaving it sitting on the shelf for a while. That is because cow milk is less homogenized and will naturally separate the fat as time goes by.

So on the whole, goat milk contains a higher amount of micro-nutrients and is more friendly to the human stomach. If you get used to its tangy and grassy taste, you’ll definitely benefit more in the long run.

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