Giveaway: Win A Stainless Steel Kettle to Warm Up Your Thanksgiving

By November 17, 2016

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There is no better way to warm up your cold winter than a cup of hot tea or hot coffee. Boil water, brew a cup of coffee or tea, and serve it while watching TV. How wonderful it is! Here, to celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Ecooe offers you chances to win the Gooseneck Stainless Steel Kettle, the best companion while brewing coffee or tea.

Besides giveaway, we also offer super deals to help you save bucks on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. 

ecooe stainless steel kettle

Brian Fediuk reviewed the kettle as one of the products which is worth buying. “The kettle takes more of a classical look. It has a fancy long spout for accurate pours, and gives you extra length for pouring from across the table.” The special design of the kettle makes it easy to pour water even and stable. While, it can also prevent loss of heat. You know, water temperature is very important for a perfect cup of coffee or tea

What are you waiting for? Get to the entrance below and win this beautiful kettle.   

Giveaway: Win A Stainless Steel Kettle to Warm Up Your Thanksgiving

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  1. We stayed home as a family on Thanksgiving and did the traditional food spread, football and games. It was a wonderful day reflecting on our blessings.

  2. Eat a lot of turkey!

  3. I am Canadian and we celebrate in Oct. We had a nice dinner with family :)

  4. You dont need to have a special celebration to make tea in such a fab pot

  5. I cooked for my family and had a lovely time watching holiday movies

  6. I don’t have wine leftover to stare, we always drink it.

  7. We always have a huge family dinner at Thanksgiving.

  8. We went to my sister in laws for the holiday.

  9. Our son and family drove the 100 miles so we could share the holiday together. Love seeing all of them and spending time together.

  10. just a nice meal

  11. I will have dinner with the family, maybe do some shopping.

  12. This year I spend Thanksgiving with friends.

  13. just have a glass of wine and toast

  14. a family get together dinner xx

  15. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I do send messages of goodwill to my American friends.

  16. Beautiful old style kettle, for the perfect cuppa.

  17. I’m British so don’t celebrate thanksgiving all my celebrations are saved for Christmas and New Year which is shared with family and friends presents, good food and drink laughter and love

  18. We dont celebrate thanksgiving here in the uk but I am spending the weekend with my litle family infront of a warm fire with a brew! Bliss x

  19. Beautiful addition to any home

  20. CANADIAN THANKSGIVING was in Oct. We spent it with family at my son’s cabin.

  21. Have friends round and enjoy ourselves

  22. we dont celebrate it here in england

  23. We are having family over for Thanksgiving

  24. My Husband and I go to my Mom & Dad’s.

  25. Driving home to my aunt

  26. Going to my Dad’s house for Thanksgiving with my Daughter, Son, and Grandson.

  27. I do not actually celebrate Thanksgiving!

  28. We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving here but I shall raise a glass to those that do.

  29. It is just hubby and I this year, so we are having a small turkey breast and fixings. It is just great to have a day off.

  30. I am in Canada, so we already did Thanksgiving back on October

  31. We will be going to my sister’s like we do every year for Thanksgiving.

  32. thank you very much for the new knowledge

  33. I am sorry dont celebrate Thanksgiving

  34. Visiting my cousin in Wisconsin

  35. Our family gets together for a large meal and games.

  36. celebrating with friends – family too far away. thx

  37. A turkey dinner with family is our usual celebration!

  38. We really could use a new kettle for our tea.

  39. Thanksgiving at home for the first time in’s going to be wonderful

  40. Calling my son in Pennsylvania to see how he and his family are enjoying their day.

  41. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family.

  42. thanksgiving is a beautiful day to be shared with my family.

  43. A meal with all the family!

  44. I’ll be going to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving.

  45. I love sweepdstakes especially when I win

  46. we had thanksgiving last month – but hoping to get in some shopping

  47. I’ll be going to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving.

  48. love this kettle thank you for the chance.this year I am doing turkey different .we are going to stay home wear comfy jammies watch movies and relax and anybody wants a plate just knock on the door .going to have the turkey cut in half .one half in the oven traditional way using Spanish seasonings the other half marinated in a Asian sauce and cooked on the grill .def need a kettle as it s cold here as of right now 30 and 45 mile winds making it feel 16 degrees so a warm cup of Irish black tea will be nice

  49. We will be at home with family.

  50. Had all the fam over on Sunday to celebrate. On turkey day I will be hunting and trying to get a wild gobbler.

  51. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but it seems like a nice tradition. We celebrate Christmas.

  52. It is a normal day

  53. We have no Thanksgiving in our country. :(

  54. I’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving (Canadian here)! But I will be partaking in the annual Black Friday shopping.

  55. I am from Canada. We already celebrated thanksgiving. Next weekend I plan to celebrate my daughter’s and son’s birthday.

  56. This will be the first year I wont be eating Turkey for Thanksgiving in a long time, this year just a small quiet dinner home.

  57. we usually make a ham and have family over

  58. Kawaii…i hope to win
    thanks ecooe ^_^

  59. I haven’t really celebrated since my mother died, unfortunately.

  60. it will be a big dinner with friends and family

  61. I personally don’t celebrate Thanksgiving

  62. Spending it with family, enjoying good food and making memories.

  63. Unfortunately we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but will be making up for it at Christmas!

  64. Lots of family get togethers.

  65. My boyfriend’s Canadian so we celebrate with a turkey dinner (plus the pumpkin pie!)

  66. I’m not A United States citizen so do not celebrate Thanksgiving

  67. Not celebrating since my family isnt coming

  68. In Canada, we had our Thanksgiving already. I made a turkey roast for my family and we had a nice meal together.

  69. I don’t celebrate as I’m from the UK, but I know its a big thing in the US xx

  70. love a cup of green tea!

  71. i dont celebrate Thanksgiving but love this kettle

  72. Such a beautiful coffee kettle! :reminds me of my mom. She loved hers.

  73. We’re having a potluck at work and a small ham at home.

  74. OMG, jumping Jupiter I don’t celebrate. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :) Pick me.

  75. My husband and I will go to our daughter’s house at the coast. She’s a great cook and also cooks healthy so I look forward to her meal. I usually take a dish or two to add to her menu also.

  76. I could use a good tea kettle! Thank you kindly for the opportunity& have a Wonderful Holiday!

  77. I’m from Canada, so I already celebrated. But happy thanksgiving !

  78. My family is going to make lots of cookies, thank you so much for the great offer!

  79. we don’t celebrate thanksgiving.

  80. I drink around 10-12 cups water a day, and 2 cups of coffee.

  81. Turkey dinner and a nap at home :)

  82. Travelling to Ohio for thanksgiving although being Canadian we already had ours last month

  83. love thanksgiving

  84. I was not using coffee filters for anything else but I now have great ideas from your piece.

  85. I drink about six glasses of water a day. It is important to know you can drink TOO MUCH especially at one time.

  86. Yes, yes it is good to drink red wine before bed I’ve learned from reading your article.

  87. I wake up with a glass of water and a shower.

  88. Had a turkey dinner in Canada.

  89. I don’t celebrate thanksgiving as I am not a citizen of the USA.

  90. Great prize. Thank you.

  91. I’ll be cooking Thanksgiving dinner and having my family over.

  92. We will visit family for Thanksgiving. Because we are so spread out in different cities and states, we like to get together at any holiday opportunity.

  93. I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, I am not us citizen

  94. I’ll make the BEST Thanksgiving dinner ever and then have everybody come join me.

  95. I am from the UK so don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!

  96. Fantastic kettle

  97. Elegant kettle…

  98. watch the parade

  99. I am Canadian and we already celebrated Thanksgiving! We spent time together as a family and ate a huge meal!

  100. My wife would love this…she loves her T

  101. If I start my day with out caffeine the whole day goes wrong and I can’t wait to go to bed and wake up propper with caffeine.

  102. To celebrate ThanksGiving the family gets together for a wonderful meal

  103. we had a big dinner for our Canadian thanksgiving

  104. Instead of coffee I have a smoothie!

  105. Thanksgiving is a quiet family day with a big dinner!

  106. Thanksgiving is an American “thing” so as an Englishman in England I don’t actually do anything to celebrate it.

  107. Don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as I am Scottish

  108. We celebrate Thanksgiving in October in Canada. I spend the day with my family.


  110. Ive used it 3 times reboiled

  111. I love to drink all flavours of tea!!

  112. Watch lots of Football .

  113. i do not celebrate thanksgiving as it is an american celebration.

  114. Tend not to celebrate thanksgiving in the UK.

  115. I get together with family for a big dinner

  116. I don’t celebrate thanksgiving

  117. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving

  118. Nothing better than a hot cup of tea on a cold evening.

  119. I make my own lemon juice and drink it every morning. It keeps coughs and colds at bay.

  120. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but celebrate Christmas instead by having a turkey dinner.

  121. have a snooze abd a cuppa

  122. I’m a U.K. citizen,so don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

  123. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving isn’t relevant in the UK, so we don’t celebrate it.

  124. I don’t celebrate Thanks Giving here in the UK

  125. I’m British so I don’t celebrate thanksgiving. I don’t need caffeine to start my day. I don’t use coffee filters as I have an espresso machine. I can’t drink red wine as it always gives me a headache. I don’t drink nearly enough water which leads me to become dehydrated.

  126. Nothing, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving as I’m not American

  127. Have dinner with friends

  128. I don’t celebrate it

  129. I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, I am not us citizen

  130. I now drink between 2 and 3 litres of water a day, so around 12 cups x

  131. I personally don’t celebrate Thanksgiving xx

  132. I cant wake up without Coffee….its impossible!! lol