Easy ways to reduce plastic use

By January 17, 2022

6 easy ways to reduce plastic use-1

Plastic has been a big problem for the environment. However, only a small part of plastic garbage is recycled, a large proportion of it gets clogged in landfills and comes into the ocean, the toxins releasing into the environment as well as the human body through food chains.

The good news is that we can do every little bit to reduce unnecessary plastic use. Here are 9 easy changes that can help you move towards this goal.

Woman is holding a bag full of fresh early spring vegetables.

Bring your own shopping bag

Plastic bags are the most common plastic garbage that’s easily discarded just for a matter of minutes. It is convenient, but it causes great environmental pollution. When shopping, you can bring your own reusable shopping bag, or simply carry your stuff lose.

Bring your own refillable bottle

Another easy solution to reduce the use of plastic is to bring your own refillable bottle. Most people use bottled water and then discard the bottle, and those using the bottles for several times risk suffering from the toxins released when they’re left in the light or heat. As an alternative, bring a reusable water bottle when you are out, no matter it is stainless steel or glass.

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Say goodbye to disposable straws

Disposable straws and cutlery are many people’s choices when ordering a drink in a restaurant or cafe, but it is totally unnecessary as they’re single-use and then thrown away after several minutes of use. Say no to these disposable straws and cutlery, or just carry your stainless steel knife, fork, and spoon instead.

Choose cardboard packaging over plastic

Cardboard is more easily to be recycled and it biodegrades more easily than plastic. So, pick the cardboard over plastic if you have the choice. Glass or metal packaging would be better as well. If you buy plastic ones in the end, try reusing them for future shopping.

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Store your food in glass containers

When it comes to storing your food, glass containers would be better as they have no risk of toxins leaching out and they can be recycled. You can just re-purpose any size of glass jars or containers you’ve ever used and find which one is best for you.

Just dine in

One of the reasons why disposable bags and cutlery are ubiquitous is the prospering of takeaway. Modern life requests efficiency so many people want to finish their meals as quickly as possible. Why not spend half an hour enjoying your lunch or dinner in a restaurant? What’s more, simple pleasure can also help you avoid the use of plastic.


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