Do you wash your face in a right way

By July 25, 2022

The effort of your facial maintenance will be in vain if you wash your face in a wrong way. Recently it has been widely acknowledged that facial skin problems including increasing acne, open pores, blackhead, and dryness are not the result of poor essence or creams, but the result of a wrong washing of your face. So here are the key points about washing your face.

Do you wash your face in a right way 1

  1. Why do we have to wash our faces?

If our faces lack washing or a thorough cleaning, it is more apt for dirty things, secretions and makeups to be accumulated, which will not only affect the absorption of the skincare products but also hurt the skin health. So no matter how late you are off work, you should have a thorough washing of your face by removing the makeup. Whereas an excessive cleaning of the facial skin does the same hurt to our skin, and it will bring such problems as the breaking of the protective layer, the allergy, and even skin diseases.

Do you wash your face in a right way 2

  1. How can we rightly clean our faces?

Cleaning means clearing away the dirty things on our skin, whose steps can be finished with a bar of cleaning milk or with only a palm of water. And yes! It is not necessary for us to wash with facial products every time, which means you can wash with water in the morning and with facial products at night.

Young woman washing her face with cold water

  1. How to choose the right washing products

For the different skin types, the products applied to it. For dry skin, the products should exclude the function of strong cleaning property or strong oil controls. Instead, it should be attached more to moisture. Oily skin is the most bothering skin type, so the keywords of the products are oil control. And remember too much cleaning of the skin can also lead to oily skin.

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  1. What is the proper amount of cleaning products?

In a normal situation, one or two soybean sizes can well meet the cleaning requirement. Staring from the T part on the face and then tub it around the whole face. You should wash it off with running warm water and dry the face with a dry towel. Someone would like to leave the water on the face without drying it immediately, considering there might be a second destroy to the cleaning. But what you should know is that the evaporation of the water on the face will take away extra moisture.

Do you wash your face in a right way 5

Following such steps can help to enable you to have a more brilliant face and appearance.

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