Do you know how to maintain your leather shoes?

By October 18, 2019

Clothes make the man, so do shoes. A qualified pair of leather shoes can also help to lift one’s temperament. After a regular wearing, even though the pair of leather shoes you buy are quite expensive, they will seem to be worn and slackened. You may feel the leather shoes will be another big expense accounting for most of your income. So here are some tips for maintaining your leather shoes. Since then you will have a brand new pair every day.

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Keep it dry. The leather has the biggest enemy, which is the moisture. Any kind of leather, once soaked in moisture, will go moldy and rotten. If you went out while wearing leather shoes on a rainy or snowy day, you should try to dry your shoes after you go back home as soon as possible. And polish them with shoe oil and put them in a cool place to dry. Do not put it under direct sunlight. If possible, put them back to the shoe’s clothing bags to avoid any dust and moisture.

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Brush them with oil regularly. The qualified shoe oil is a good tool to help you keep the leather shoes as the oil can help to isolate the shoes from moisture and dust. When you polish the shoes, add one more drops of vinegar on the shoes before polish them with oil. After the layer of oil is added to the shoes, use a brush to polish them and the shoes will be much more shining than ever before. The oil can also help to prevent the shoes from being broken on the surface. Inside the shoes, you can also put a last for shaping the shoes.

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If the shoes will be put away for a long time, you would better clean the dust and dirt on the surface, and then store them in a dry place. What if there is some mold already on the leather shoes? You can wipe them away with a dry cloth with a sound capacity of water absorption. When wiping the mould, add some alcohol on the shoes to help to clean it. At last, put a layer of shoe oil and brush it thoroughly around the surface.

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A good maintain method can help you save a lot of money on daily clothing expenses. And you can wear new shoes just like you just bought them. 

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