Do you know how to clean up a bottle

By January 6, 2023

In a hot summer, we will fill our bottles with water or drinks more often than before. But if the bottle can not be cleaned thoroughly, it will be a hotbed for the bacteria to grow. So we suggest a daily thorough cleaning of the bottles.

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Clean with baking soda and vinegar

If you drink coffee or drink quite often during a hot summer day, the inside of the bottle will be easily left with a scale deposit. Below are the cleaning steps.

Put a spoonful of baking soda into the bottle, and put some hot water into the bottle. Then the scale will be cleaned off after 1 hour. If there is any rust in the bottle, you can use vinegar to scour it off. Pour the vinegar and water at a ratio of 1:9 into the bottle, and after 30 minutes the rust can be cleaned off. What’s more, vinegar with hot water is also very useful in sterilization and deodorization. But you should remember not to shake the covered bottle if it is filled with hot water, or it might explode with high pressure inside.  

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The rubber gasket inside the cap

The rubber gasket inside the cap is another one to go moldy easily, so it is the other thing you should not forget to clean.

As the bottle almost holds water or drinks every day, so it is quite easy for it to catch mold, especially the gasket. Some of you may neglect this because the gasket is in the color of black. Here is one way for you to tell if the gasket catches mold. After washing the bottle thoroughly, if the odors are still in the bottle, it must be the mold on the gasket. Then, you can mix the baking soda into the hot water and soak the cap with the gasket in the mixture for 10 minutes.

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Do not leave the drinks in the bottle for a long time

If the drinks was left in the bottle for a long time, for example, the juice or carbonated drink will erode the bottle, and the milk will easily go bad and make a mold.

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Change the bottle in a regular period

We suggest the bottle should be changed every 6-8 months. And the longest use span of it is 2 years. And after buying a new bottle, remember to rub its inner surface with baking oil because there might be abrasive on the inner wall

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