Do you have the troubles of dealing with shag hair?

By October 14, 2019

You will look quite different if you wear different hairstyles. A straight black hairstyle makes you be much more elegant and serious while the curly blond hairstyle will add some cute element to your disposition. But if you change your hairstyle regularly, the quality of the hair will be greatly damaged. If no measures are taken to take care of the hair, it will soon become as shag as the dead branches.

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Most of us will choose to go to the salon to solve this problem. But it will cost a lot of money. Here are some tips for you to do the treatment at home.

Wash the hair with beer.

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You may ask how to wash. Pour out an appropriate amount which is enough to wash the hair and then warm it. There is no need to make it too hot. It is just at a moderate temperature that suits you when you wash on your head. And apply it on your hair. Then wash it with pure water. You can do this step before or after the hair lotion.

Moisten with honey and olive oil.

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The amount of the mixture is equal to the amount of the beer. Mix the olive oil with honey evenly and then put the mixture aside for 3 days. Moisten and rinse your hair with the mixture thoroughly for 10 minutes. And then massage the skin on the head gently. Keep on doing these two steps and you will find your hair becomes much sleeker and more organic than before.

The third way to make your hair dynamic again is to dry it with the hairdryer correctly.

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How do you dry your hair after every washing? Blow it with the dryer in a hurry? This is the mistake we always make. The right way is to dry from the inner layer to the outer layer down from the root of the hair to its tail. If the inner layer of the hair gets dried first, it will take less time for you to dry all. If the root of hair has been dried, there is no need to dry the tail. You can let it dry naturally.

If you put the hairdryer much closer to the hair, you can feel your hair too hot to bear. It means your hair gets hurt because of the high temperature. Do not use the dryer next to the hair. The closer, the more hurts it does. 



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