Choose the right shampoo for your scalp

By January 11, 2021

Choose the right shampoo for your scalp-1

Want to have smooth and shiny hair? You may not know that you’ve been using the wrong shampoo for your scalp for a long time. Though it can still clean your hair, it isn’t able to make your mane shine and thrive. So let’s move on to learn more about your scalp types and how to choose shampoo accordingly.

Oily scalps

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For those with an oily scalp, you may find yourself washing your hair frequently, even twice a day. Here’s what you need to do and avoid when choosing a shampoo for your scalp.

Stay away from shampoos that are labeled hydrating, moisturizing, or good for curly hair. They will make your hair more oily. Instead, choose shampoos that mention volumizing, strengthening, or balancing. They can help remove excess oil and won’t add moisture.

A clarifying shampoo works very well for super-oily scalps, but don’t overuse the product, or else it’ll dry out your scalp and stimulate even more oil and sebum production.

Avoid using conditioner on your scalp. Concentrate only on the mid-shaft and ends of your hair.

Dry scalps

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If your scalp is always itchy or flaky, you have a dry scalp that needs extra hydration. Look for shampoos with labels that promote moisture, hydration, smoothing, or curls. If have severe dry-scalp concerns, Nioxin shampoo can be a better option.

Don’t choose to strengthen, fortifying, or volumizing shampoos, as they can strip your scalp of necessary moisture. Also avoid shampoos that contain sulfates, which can dry out your scalp faster.

Neutral scalp

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If your scalp is not too dry or oily, you’re lucky to have a neutral scalp and can choose whatever shampoo suits your needs.

Hydrating shampoo: a great product that can add moisture and smoothness to hair. Also good for coarse hair that lacks moisture.

Smoothing hair shampoo: more effective in moisturizing and smoothing hair. It helps seal the cuticle and is a good start for straight and smooth styles.

Balancing shampoo: probably the best shampoo for the neutral scalp. Not too moisturizing, or not so good at drying out the scalp.

Strengthening shampoo: works well for damaged, over-processed, or weakened hair. It contains extra protein to get your hair repaired.

Curly hair shampoo: designed especially for curls, which is very moisturizing and contains ingredients that reduce frizz.



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