Cheap Manual Grinder or Electric Blade Grinder? Which is Better?

By December 23, 2017

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For beginners in learning making coffee, it is necessary for them to prepare a nice set of gears among which a grinder is always the first one on the list. And they will often face a problem: manual grinder or electric blade grinder, which is better?

To make our choice right, we should have a good knowledge of the difference between they two beside the on/off switch.

Manual Grinder

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Manual grinder is often called a hand coffee grinder. As the name implies, the users are the driving force behind a manual burr grinder. By continuously cranking the swivel arm, you are able to rotate the burrs and grind up your beans. Although it may cost you some more time and efforts, a manual grinder has many advantages.

  • It is much smaller. Manual grinders are much smaller than their electricity-dependent cousins. Many manual grinders are small and ergonomically designed, which makes prolonged grinding a little more manageable. Additionally, the smaller size also makes many of these grinders much easier to travel with.
  • It is cheaper. Because these grinders are small, and have no complex electrical components, they are significantly less expensive than electric burr grinders.
  • It grind your coffee to a consistent size. Manual grinders are burr grinders. Burr grinders utilize a pair of sharp, precisely shaped cutting stones called “burrs” that do a way better job at grinding coffee to a consistent size while blade grinders chops coffee beans into uneven sized bits.
  • It make less noise. If you’re an early riser in a house of light sleepers, you want to think about the amount of noise your coffee grinder is making, then a manual grinder is a better choice.

Electric Blade Grinders
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An electric blade grinders is a grinder driven by electricity which has a blade in the center that looks like a propeller, similar to a blender blade. When comparing with manual grinders, electric blade grinders also have their benefits.

  • It provides you with convenience. You can leave to do what you want to do when electric blade grinder is working while you should spin away the manual grinder going nowhere.
  • It is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is load the hopper (this is where the metaphor ends), select your grind size, and flip the switch. In seconds you will have fresh grounds ready to be brewed.

Which is Better?

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So which should you choose, manual grinders or electric blade grinders?

Comparing with electric blade grinders, manual grinders are obviously better. Their advantages outweigh the advantages of  electric blade grinders, especially the benefit of consistency of the ground size which is important for most of coffee lovers. Then, grinding coffee beans can bring ourselves joy of success and a while of peace.

So if you are now shopping for a set of gears for making coffee, don’t forget to prepare a cheap but practical manual grinder for yourself.

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